According To Jon Shaw: The Order 1886

The order 1886 released last month and with it a lot of controversy surrounding the length of the game as well as the reviews it has gotten. So much so we have gamers and Devs saying that the game press should not be giving review copies anymore because of the low scores the game received. While I did not read any of the reviews I find this entertaining because this goes against everything that gamers have been fighting against this last year but that’s another topic.

So having reserved my thoughts on the game till I played it for my self I have to say although the order 1886 is a great looking and fun game it’s still a mediocre experience. While length of the game is one of my pet pieves when charging 60 bucks it’s the least of this games woes. Instead of just leaving it at that I will explain why I feel this way the best way I can. If you have not played the game or finished it you will want to stop here as the rest of this will be filled with spoilers.

The story was Ok but it was a tired trend that I’ve seen in movies, TV shows and past games that just made it boring. You have trater in the group, it’s someone close to you you trust him to find this trader only to find out its him and he turns on you. While there are other elements to the story this is basically the main idea that was played out in this iteration of the game. While the other elements could have made for better story telling like the lycans, the vampires, ther order itsself, there just wasn’t enough of it to make it a complete story.

Gameplay leaves a lot to be desired here as well. While there are some parts that are fun you are cut short to either play a cutscene or QuickTime event. When you are not doing that you play the game of cutscene chase or follow someone end up in big room fight hordes of enemies back to cutscene or following. There are 4 exceptions to this and we will get into that next.

So with all the trailers and what was shown about the game prior to release you would think this game is about hunting supernatural creatures right? Well you do but it’s only 4 times. Within these 4 encounters you have 2 battles with regular lycans, and 2 battles with what they call elder lycans. Let’s talk about the regular lycans first. While at first I thought this battle was dope till I noticed the trend of hit x roll away shoot go stab downed beast. It was an Ok experience but just lacked imagination I let it go because I thought Ok they are introducing them so next battle might be better. So the next battle would be one of the elders but don’t want to talk about that yet. So the next time you fight regular lycans is close to the end of the game. I noticed the lycans did the exact same thing and this battle was exactly the same. Not only was the battle the same but the environment as well. It was basically the same environment just different coat of paint with minor differences. Needless to say it was a Lackluster experience.

Next up is the elder lycans. The first time you encounter one is towards the beginning of the game. There is a chase sequence that I actually thought was rather fun and exciting but lasted all of 5 secs to be cut off by a cutscene. Then the actual battle with the beast is a mix of tapping between 2 buttons and QuickTime events evading it’s attacks. Yea lots of fun. So the next time you face an elder is at the end of the game. Not only the end of the game but the final battle. So Yea being the final battle you would think it would be exciting right? Wrong! Matter of fact you already fought the boss battle at the beginning of the game because this fight is exactly the same exactly. Quick time evades and tap between 2 buttons to attack. No imagination no innovation the exact same fucking battle. This is why I say this game is a mediocre experience!

Some will try to tell you its supposed to be like an interactive movie. I say if you want to believe that bullshit and use that as your excuse then you deserve to get fucked out your money! There are far better examples of a cinematic experience in gaming and they all don’t better. The only thing that was done really well in the game was the graphics and once you look past that you will see that it’s not that great an experience.

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