Back to Basics

Remember back when you could play a game with out online or having to install the game to your hard drive.

Remember when you could just insert your game in your system and start playing automatic. You played hours and hours at a time. You could enjoy the game the graphics the story the controls and the wow factor in the game.

Now we get games that are broking and don’t control well. You have to wait on a patch to come down to make your game complete. Then on top of that you may or may not get a complete patch that will fix the game.

That is why i say developers need to go back to the basics. Where you don’t need online to enjoy your game if your not connected to the internet. Load times should be zero no installs to the hard drive just boot up and play.

It is simple in this digital world. Take your time and make the game so that consumers can enjoy the games. What do you guys think do developers need to go back to basics when making games. Leave me your comments.

  • I feel as though social media has ruined modern day gaming in a way.I miss the nostalgic moments in gaming.Couch-cop was at an all time high back then.

  • Yea I miss couch coop as well.

  • Yes they do… but we got to stop supporting them when they practice these behaviors.. buying known breaking games content with wait on a patch to address known issues… it's sad really sad

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