Could the secret of NX have been under our noses all along?

Credit to OJ from on breaking this.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  He may have blown the lid right off of what the big secret of NX could be. Also credit to our own JetiKnightNY for doing a video on this as well.

According to what OJ says this source from Reddit username
cranmerabacus thinks the NX could be, this is a very interesting take on what NX could possible be.  Here is his post on  It’s far too long to post here.

Now here is my take on it based off of a cursory evaluation on a few facts that I had seen before but things didn’t click until now.

This is the patent talked about in the Playeressence video regarding the patent filed in 2014.  Now I had seen this before but didn’t think much of it because there were so many different ideas and patents that have leaked about regarding the NX that it is hard to sift through them all and shake out the plausible from the improbable.

What we see here is a person wearing glasses viewing objects in 3D right?  Some people will look at this and say, “3D was/is a gimmick.  It’s dead.  Nobody cares about 3D anymore,” etc.  However this patent is not JUST about 3D.  This 3D concept is based on ‘head-tracking’ which is something that Johnny Lee discovered by taking the WiiMote and sensor bar and hooking them up to a PC. He fastened the WiiMote into a stationary position, got a pair of safety glasses from an electronics store, swapped out the regular LEDs for infra-red LEDs, and created a bargain-basement head-tracking system.  To see footage of this and from the Playeressence video, check out JetiKnightNY’s video.

What makes this type of 3D unique is the fact that it works with any 2D display.  In the recent past 3D whether it was with or without glasses you needed a special type of display for stereoscopic 3D.  With this patent, the 3D functionality is built into the console and all you need are the glasses which would be far less expensive than what we are accustomed to with 3D enabled devices.  Here is an explanation given for the technology within the actual patent.

“The exemplary illustrative non-limiting technology herein enables 3D viewing on conventional 2D displays such as home television sets by tracking a person’s viewpoint. Detecting a player’s viewpoint movement to change the viewing of the displayed object gives the illusion that the object is physically present in three-dimensional space. Viewpoint movement detection can provide collision-related game logic benefits such as allowing a player to dodge projectiles, giving a game character an ability to “see” the player when not behind line-of-sight obstacles, and other advantages”

So this is not something to take lightly.  This seems pretty serious.  This technology could also give an ‘augmented reality’ feel to it.  This footage here is NOT from the NX, but based off of what they are showing in the patents, this could be a preview as to what NX could do.

Now, 3D is definitely not a new thing to Nintendo.  To most casual fans or people not in the know, the history of 3D and Nintendo is wrapped up in two things.  The 3DS, and Virtual Boy.  One was extremely successful, the other…well………it wasn’t.  However what a lot of people don’t know is that the GameCube was supposed to be a 3D console.  Nintendo had a deal with Sharp to design LCD 3D displays that would connect to the GameCube allowing for stereoscopic 3D.  The technology for 3D is built into every GameCubeLuigi’s Mansion was supposed to be the game to showcase the 3D capabilities of the GameCube.  However, the price-point of the GameCube itself, plus the LCD screen sold separately which would have been even more expensive than the GameCube itself would have been too big of a risk to ask of consumers so they decided not to go with that technology then.  Here are comments from the late Saturo Iwata on the matter.

Iwata: “The Nintendo GameCube system actually had 3D-compatible circuitry built in.  It had the potential for such functions.  If you fit it with a certain accessory, it could display 3D images.  Nintendo GameCube was released in 2001, exactly 10 years ago.

We’d been thinking about 3D for a long time, even back then. The GameCube’s 3D functionality was to be achieved with a special liquid crystal display that would have been sold separately. However, due to the cost of LCD screens at the time, the peripheral was deemed too expensive and never made it past the prototype phase.

We couldn’t have done it without selling it for a price far above that of the Nintendo GameCube system, itself! We already had a game for it, though–Luigi’s Mansion, simultaneously released with Nintendo GameCube. We had a functional version of that in 3D.”


Interestingly enough, the base technology was used later in the 3DS and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS gives you an idea of what Nintendo had in mind for the GameCube version of Luigi’s Mansion initially.  It is also interesting that this rumor from a few months ago talked about a Luigi’s Mansion 3 being a launch title for the NX.

The rumor may or may not have been debunked by now as a ton of NX rumors have been, but it is an interesting tidbit that fits this narrative.  However, let’s take this back even FURTHER.  Back into the 1980s even.  Anybody remember this?

I sure don’t, but if anyone does remember seeing or hearing about this feel free to leave a message in the comments section.

Apparently this was a shutter-glasses 3D version of the Famicom in Japan (they always get the cooler versions of Nintendo hardware.)  >:(

So it is possible to conceive that the NX is the culmination of decades of research, trial and error, and the study of trends.   This console could be the ultimate fusion of everything that has worked in the past, plus improvements and things that have not worked to create a totally unique experience.  Now I understand what Ubisoft was talking about when they said that NX would target the Wii crowd.  Now I can see why more than a handful of 3rd party developers have come out to say positive things LOUDLY about NX and some have already vouched for developing on the console.  Now I understand why GameStop is all in for the NX and is totally convinced that it will be successful.  Now Reggie Fils-Aime’s comments about Nintendo not going into the “red ocean” with Microsoft and Sony makes sense.  Now I can understand why even the gaming industry’s Grand Poobah of Trolldom, Michael Pachter, has come out to say that the NX will sell in the tens of millions right away.

I can also understand now why Nintendo would want to keep the NX such a secret to everyone.  I think that they wanted to make sure that Microsoft and Sony were fully-committed to having their “Who can piss the farthest” contest in terms of raw horsepower and to VR.  This is the same troll-move Nintendo did to Sony at E3 2010.  Sony was all in on 3D in terms of games, movies, TVs, etc.  Then Reggie comes out on stage and basically says, “but them glasses though……  However, what if you could do 3D…….without glasses??????”

Then out comes Iwata with the 3DS.  In one fail swoop Nintendo TRASHED Sony’s entire conference and any hopes for 3D to be successful.   When Nintendo gets saucy they are pretty legit and not the ones to fool with. 

To add to this, I still think that the mobile aspect that I talked about in a previous blog is still in play.  If NX can do all the aforementioned things, AND you can un-dock it and take it on the go with you so you can keep on playing, that’s……………pretty nasty. 

What makes it ultra-nasty is that all of this can be done while still being fairly inexpensive.  Nintendo has never come out and said that NX would not be powerful.  If this narrative is true then is seems like Nintendo has found an adequate use of the power.  As always, I say that take everything with a grain of salt.  Do your own research like I did.  Never just listen to what analysts say, popular Youtubers say, or talking heads in the industry have to say.  Heck, don’t even listen to what I’VE got to say!  Just do your own research and marry the facts to common sense.  That always gives you the clearest picture….BUT…this IS Nintendo which MEANS…………………………


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