Could This Be Nintendo’s new NX Portable?

An article from the site has a picture of what seems to be some sort of portable gaming device prototype. It looks exactly like the patent pictures that we’ve seen from Nintendo. 

On the website it states…” Dual Pixels portal received an image of what could be a leak of NX, the next Nintendo console successor to the Wii U and 3DS supposedly. The image was shared by a user who calls themself Idriss2Dev, and shows a picture of what would be the console. The most interesting aspect is that the device resembles faithful to the illustrations of patents previously registered by Nintendo, so it could be real filtration. Fortunately, still has physical buttons and levers, thus denying all rumors that it would simply be a touch panel.”

Lets us know what you think here at Full Effect Gaming. Until next time gamers….JetiKnight out! 

  • I don't know. Seems like a very risky design.

  • I think I'm going to call bullshit. Something about that right side just don't seem right. Seems photoshoped. If I am wrong I don't like it lol. Your hands are going to cover part of the image. good post didnt even see this come out.

  • It's also missing the hand grips shown in the schematic of the patent. I could easily do this with 3DS Max and Photoshop and making it look more believable than this.

    Besides that, Nintendo has been in Yakuza-mode guarding information about NX to be this sloppy. Dualpixels is starting to become a clickbait site.