Did Nintendo “PHONE IT IN” with the WiiU

Sitting here thinking about my WiiU experience up to this point has caused me to come to the belief that Nintendo “PHONED IT IN” with the WiiU. Just so you get a clear understanding of where I’m coming from with this post I’m going to first give you the meaning of this phrase “PHONED IT IN”and then attempt to explain my position from there.

Phone it in: To perform an act in a perfunctory, uncommitted fashion, as if it didn’t matter

Personally as a Nintendo fan it pains me to say this,  but Nintendo for the first time showed me that they’re no differect then any other company …at the end of the day it’s about the Money and when the WiiU failed to captivate and make “BIG DOLLARS”  Nintendo began to “Phone It In” at the expense of the Fans/Consumers who purchased the system.  

To me the WiiU was a system already given up on before we even purchased it. We all scratched our proverbial heads at the marketing efforts by Nintendo. We were puzzled by the lack of concern surrounding the Gampad being seen as a add on for the Wii …the Confusion amongst the lesser informed consumers (the casual gamers, Moms, Pops, Grandmas and Grandpas) Nintendo birth with the Wii’s blue ocean strategy now with the WiiU Nintendo seem to be content with them figuring it out through word of month and printouts listing the differences between the Wii and WiiU. No commercials clearly outlining the WiiU as the New Gaming System from Nintendo. It all made no sense..

The WiiU a great system with this great new controller called the GamePad. I personally feel that the WiiU is a exceptional piece of hardware that had it been taken seriously and believed in by all parties (Nintendo included) it would have been a game changing system, but when your creator doesn’t believe in you how can you expect anyone else to? 

Nintendo themselves never utilized the GamePad beyond off screen play. Where were the games pushing the new technology? Where were the games demonstrating what this controller could do? Where was Miyamoto? Where was Iwata? WHERE WAS NINTENDO? 

When the Wii came out we didn’t have these questions. Wii Sports and Metroid Prime Corruption clearly demonstrated what the Wii remote could do. Games like Red Steele from Ubisoft showed the possibilities of Nintendo’s new Wii controller. Where were these type games for the WiiU? While I’m asking that …where are the AAA 1st Party titles in general for the WiiU? With 3.5 years in the market place where are the must own titles from Nintendo? 

If there is one area that I feel like Nintendo “PHONED IT IN” with the WiiU it’s the games. Where are the must have games for the WiiU? Now don’t get me wrong… the WiiU has some good game but very few must haves.

-Smash Bros U
-Mario Kart 8
-Bayonetta 2 
-Mario 3D World was arguably not a must have. 
DKTF & Pikmin 3 also arguably not must have games… 

This is a sad list when considering what Nintendo is capable of as a company when it comes to making games. Even when left pretty much on their own we have gotten better offerings from Nintendo then what we’ve received from them with the WiiU. Go back to the N64 & GameCube and look at what we received from Nintendo then when facing similar hurdles. When 3rd Party joined Sony PS1 and left the N64 to Nintendo look at the games created.

N64: Mario 64, Wave Race, Zelda Ocarina of Time,  Zelda Majora’s Mask, GoldenEye 007, Banjo Kazooie, Excitebike 64, Starfox 64, F-Zero X, Jet Force Gemini, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and theres plenty more top notch must have titles I could name and notice I didn’t mention Smash Bros or Mario Kart!!

GAMECUBE: Eternal Darkness, Wave Race Blue Storm, F-Zero GX, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, 1080 Avalanche, Star Fox Adventures, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Sunshine, Zelda Wind Waker & Twilight Princess …again I’m leaving out plenty of other titles like Resident Evil 4 but you get my point. Still no Smash or Mario Kart!!

Nintendo was being squeezed with both those systems to pretty much carry them on their own and we got timeless classics from them,  but when comparing these titles on the WiiU to what was delivered on N64 & GameCube its not even closes…  other then Splatoon and Smash Bros U there are no classics on the WiiU in my honest opinion.  

Even the Nintendo Directs proved Nintendo’s lack of faith with the WiiU. How many Directs were we bombarded with 3DS? game after game…  out of a 45 min Direct 25 to 30mins allocated to the 3DS. Games that would have fit better on the WiiU going to the 3DS in time where the WIIU needed games with 5 to 7 month droughts causin WiiU owner even more fustration trying to be patient with Nintendo.

All these factoring situations have brought me to this conclusion. Nintendo “PHONED IT IN” with the WiiU a sad reality that was very evident from the beginning. Which lead into my next post “Is NX Nintendo’s Last Chance”  


  • Nintendo never out and real effort behind the Wii U. It's a placeholder. It's the bread and butter they leave on the table at restaurant to tide you over until the main entree is ready. The Wii U was some great games an in my opinion has had the best quality games of this generation, but the console lacked too many necessary default features, not nearly enough innovation usage of the GamePad from Nintendo to entice 3rd parties to WANT to explore different development avenues with the GamePad, the online infrastructure was lackluster, and marketing……..well there wasn't any.

  • Marketing was so horrible for the WiiU that people to this day still be its,a add on for the Wii Oo …crazy

  • Anonymous

    "Games that would have fit better on the WiiU going to the 3DS"

    This is retarded

  • If you want to make comments on this site we ask you to be respectful and actually have some insight to what your talking about. If you can't come up with anything more logical than this is retarded to make a statement then we don't need your comment and you can keep that to yourself. Thanks have a nice day

  • Nintendo's marketing and game production was a bomb for WiiU. The best marketing was the first net vid released, and the most promising software was Nintendo Land.
    How -in the hell- come I never got a full version Ninja star thrower, or the Donkey Kong tilt rider. They were awesome little demo's using the hardware. Or even the F-zero branded top-down tilt racer (though maybe save the F-zero branding for a proper racer)

  • They did have some cool mini games that they could have expanded on.

  • The Donkey Kong Crash Course was a bastard game, but addictive. I played that and the octopus game mostly on NintendoLand.

    There is so much more that could have been done with NintendooLand. I thought that they were going to make it an ever expanding universe where people could meet up with each other and play games that are in NintendoLand. I thought that Nintendo would periodically add new mini-games to the park. I still think that's a great idea. They could even let indie studios put games in there. I think it's something to consider revisiting for NX.

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