EA Press Conference – E3 2016 [Full Livestream]

EA’s press conference was meh. There was a couple of games that have  peeked my interest such as the Titan Fall 2 and its new single player mode and the New Mass Effect with new characters and stories. This is something that I am interested in because I never continued after 1 so the original story was lost on me. New Starwars games on the horizon with a tease of VR but nothing other than snippets was shown. But if you missed the conference feel free to check it out here via GameSpots recording. Also let us know what you think in the comments.  

  • Needed more Fight Night Round 6. That's all I really watched the show for was to see if they would surprise us with that. The rest was just posturing, glad-handing, and over hype of stuff that never changes year in and year out.

  • Duuuuude you would think they would do that seeing how good ufc looks. I miss that and think that might have made E3 for me if they would have dropped another fight night.

  • Word. We need another boxing game ASAP.

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