Game Installs are Stupid!

Now Listen I know we all have our preferences, rather it be Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or even PC, but can we do one thing? Can we be honest about the flaws and misstep by these companies?

So recently I purchased Gears of War “Ultimate Edition” for the Xbox One.. Why? Because I’m a Gears of War fan! Plus I wanted the opportunity to bond with my son playing a game he might be more excited about no longer indirectly forcing him to enjoy the games that I love dearly. See I’m a huge Nintendo fan so its easy for me to assume my son is enjoying the games offered by Nintendo just as much as I enjoy them… but that’s a different topic.

So I brought Gears of War “Ultimate Edition” home, broke the seal and popped the disc in. Now I’m logging in…the anticipation is swelling..  my sons eyes are glued on 65inches of Glory, but then reality sets in quickly because we are reminded that we have to wait for a mandatory install. Now my question is why? Now before you get to spewing out all the technical reason for why this is.. understand this is a rhetorical question. No No No the question that needs to be answered is should this be? Should we have to install a game just to play it? With a Blu-Ray Disc having the capacity to hold between 25 to 100 GB why are we forced to install the game directly to the Hard Drive. Which then causes each and every one of us to max out our internal Hard Drives extremely fast. Understand this is not just an Xbox One problem the PS4 is guilty of this inconvenience as well.

I will never forget how much criticism Nintendo receive for their 32GB of internal storage space on the Wii U. The cries for Nintendo to get with the times were Loud and Plentiful. How can a 8the Gen gaming system release with so little on hand storage? It was the joke of the Gaming Industry, but as me and my children set there waiting for this game to download my daughter began to ask why wasn’t I playing the game… over and over again for 20mins she asked and it dawned on me… she’s not use to this. See my daughter is uses to how the Wii U works. If I put a new game in the Wii U we are playing within the next few seconds… but this was a long wait that was drastically different form her normal gaming experience. Then another fact dawned on me… I have over 23 games on my Wii U compared to 7 Xbox One games. While Gears Of War was installing I noticed that 95% of my internal Hard Drive was used up…. but with my Wii U it to Splatoon (which is the last Wii U game I purchased) to fully max out that 32GB of storage space. Now that was very eye opening which farther provokes me to ask the question: Why is installing a game necessary when the disc or Blu-Ray is available?

This is something that makes no sense to me as a gamer and is also an inconvenience for all gamers. Why? Because the only beneficiary is the Companies that authorize and mandates these installs…. causing us the gamer to have to buy external Hard Drives to accommodate flawed and very selfish ideas….  So the next time you are sitting down watching your next newly purchased game install and download ask yourself …. Who is this benefiting?

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