GameFly To Support Nintendo Switch

I recently went to my GameFly Q to try to put some Nintendo Switch titles to my Q. When I went to search games I was surprised that none were available. So I took to twitter to ask Gamefly when we would see Switch titles. I was saddened to find out that it was rumored that Gamefly would not be getting Nintendo Switch titles. This upset me because I am a huge supporter of Gamefly for those that know me.  So angrily I tweeted asking why they supported Vita, PSP, 3DS and other older titles but will not support the Switch.


So the next day I got a response from GameFly informing me that it was at first Nintendo who did not allow them to carry Switch titles.



Then they went on to say that they now have permission from Nintendo to carry the titles and that we Should look forward to seeing them later this month.



So there you have it GameFly subscribers you will have Nintendo Switch support! Also, let this be a lesson whenever you have a concern don’t argue with YouTubers and journalist go straight to the horse and get your info!

  • Darrin Wright

    It’s 2/15. No update.

    • Jon Shaw

      Only thing that has changed is now there is a category for Switch titles. I would give it another week before we start complaining.

    • Jon Shaw

      Actually they are available. Go check it out.

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