Has Splatoon saved us from more Mario?

Has Splatoon saved us from more Mario?… Its a thought that I believe is worthy of discussion. 

Now before we get into this thought of mines …let’s calm the minds of a few of my fellow Nintendo enthusiast.. I’m not here to rant about Nintendo’s over uses of Mario nor am I here to advicate for his retirement. I’m too much of a Mario fan to even entertain such an idea, but I do believe this discussion will open some of you’ll eyes to why we see so much Mario from Nintendo… 

I’ve taking the time to gather some sales data for you guys and gals to consider … all these numbers are courtesy of VGChartz.com ..So while they may not be totally accurate they are pretty much in the ball park of accurate numbers. I’m only using the Wii U for this example… but I’m pretty sure this trend is pretty much present with all Nintendo platforms… 

I’m going to list a few 1st Party Nintendo offerings for the Wii U and their sales numbers .. from there I want to see if you to notice the pattern…. 

– Mario Kart 8 – 6.55mill worldwide …released May of 2014

– Smash Bros Wii U – 4.63mill  worldwide …released Nov of 2014

– New Super Mario U – 5.03mill worldwide …released Nov of 2012

– Super Mario 3D World – 4mill worldwide …released Nov 2013

– DK Tropical Freeze – 1.33mill worldwide …released Feb 2014

– WindWaker HD – 1.58mill worldwide …released Sept 2013

– Pikmin 3 – 1 mill worldwide …released July 2013 

– Nintendo Land – 4.35mill(pack in) released Nov 2012

– LOZ Hyrule Warriors – 1.18mill worldwide …released August 2014

– Bayonetta 2 –  0.96mill worldwide …released Sept 2014

 – Wonderful 101 –  0.38mill worldwide …released August 2013

– Splatoon – 3.93mill worldwide …released May 2015

So what is the reoccurring trend? Titles that feature Mario either as a playable character or as the leading character tends to sale better then games that don’t…. 

Outside of the Zelda I.P this is pretty much the case for Nintendo 1st party titles… but Splatoon has disrupted that norm..

Splatoon hasn’t had the luxury of Mario’s iconic charm to help push sales… Splatoon has stood on its on tentacles … Splatoon is out pacing every other 1st Party offerings from Nintendo on a system that isn’t selling to well… in under the span of 6 to 7 months Splatoon is sitting at 3.93mill sold… so roughly 30% of WiiU owns have purchased Splatoon in under a half a years time.. Splatoon is selling faster then Krispy Kreme Donuts when the hot and fresh sign is on… 

Now if you know anything about Nintendo you know this… when Nintendo strikes gold they don’t mind giving you lots and lots of it… Mario is gold for Nintendo and the numbers don’t lie. Between the WiiU and 3DS there are 27 title that either feature Mario or Mario is the main Character… 10 on WiiU and 17 on 3DS.. Look at the Amiibo’s, Nintendo isn’t shy nor reserved when it comes to dish out more Amiibo’s …why? Because it’s pure plastic toy Gold!

Now we have a new Squid is on the roster. Like Wii Sports this new IP is making believers out of those who give it a try… Splatoon has legs and tentacles that can go the distances and the sales say we will be inking for a long time. What Splatoon has managed to do is nothing short of Amazing…. I don’t even believe Nintendo thought it would be this big of a hit and like Amiibo’s …you best believe Nintendo is about to spread the Ink!!

So step aside Mario and crew ..your Inklings compadres says they got this and theres no reason to think otherwise!!!

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