How Excited should we be for Star Fox Zero?

 Question for anyone of you who has taking the time to read this article and reply. Are we expecting too much from Star Fox Zero? Are we setting ourselves up for disappointment? Are we overlooking Nintendo’s own description of Star Fox Zero…

Anyone who has followed me for the last few years know that I’m a huge Nintendo Fan… one of my favorite Nintendo IP’S is the Star Fox franchise. Its been awhile since we actually seen a Star Fox game on a Nintendo Home console the last being Star Fox Command. So to say I’m highly anticipating a new entry into the series will be an understatement… But that’s where my concern begins.

When Nintendo has talked about this game Nintendo uses the description of this game being a retelling or reimagining of Star Fox 64… so basically it’s Star Fox 64 with a spin …. a reboot so to speak. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still excited for this game, but as time collapses and we get closer and closer to this game release date.. I’m starting to wonder … am I expecting too much?

Understand this is not a new Star Fox game.. it’s a reimagining of Star Fox 64… So are we going to see new location … new boss battles? If I was a betting man I’d say yes… but still there are alot of questions that we should be asking ourselves.

Length and replay ability … If you ever played Star Fox 64 you know that it isn’t a long game.. Yes there are many different paths to be taken (if your skilled enough)  creating replay ability ..but will that be satisfying? Or are we looking for more in 2016?

Pricing…  What price tag is fair or reasonable for Star Fox Zero if it is nothing more then a reshaping of Star Fox 64? Do you really want to dish out $59.99 or $49.99 minus sales tax?

Online Features… If it is following the basic structure of Star Fox 64 then the online will be where alot of you replay ability will come into play… will it be robust with all the bells and whistles that will make it an enjoyable online multi-player experience? Or will it just be a simplistic appoarch to online multi-player with little to keep you interested?

Graphically we know that it’s not blowing our proverbial socks off… but it’s still not a bad looking game it has seen mild enprovements since its first revealing at E3 2015

We all know that Nintendo 99.99999% of the time delivers when it comes to their top tier IP’s … And I’m strongly confident that they will bring the good with Star Fox Zero… but there is a small amount of concern that it won’t live up to expectation..

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!! Do you feel that Nintendo will deliver the good with Star Fox Zero?

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