I Agree With Phil

Was Phil Spencer out of bounds with his honest summation of the current state of many Video Game consumers? Are we more concerned about the Platic Device and not so much the GAMES?

If you are one who feels Phil Spencer was out of line then prepare to call foul on Leveled-Head too.. because I 100% agree. Phil Spencer was absolutely correct in his critique of the Industry he is a proud member of. What started out as healthy competition has now ballooned into an unhealthy mind consuming addition for many gamers.

One would only have to look at the comment sections under any video game related articles, video or post to see wht Phil Spencer is referring to. Gamer’s arguing, debating and insulting one another because of a piece of plastic. Phil points this out in interview with Gamespot.com

Yes we remember that “Sega does what Nintendo don’t” caused many debate in the mid 90’s, but it wasn’t abnormal to see those same individuals playing on both platforms enjoying what both had to offer, but this is not so for the modern Gamer. Many Gamer’s of today have taken what was a little friendly competition to a place where their Lives are defined by the Platic they favor …making wht Phil Spencer articulated completely accurate… when he says it is unhealthy.

Why have so many gamers allowed a piece of plastic to define them? statements like “Real gamer play on Sony…. no Microsoft….  no Nintendo” have cause real life tension, and altercations when the truth of the matter is ..real Gamer’s play games no matter what platform it’s on. Rather its Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony if there are games to be played real Gamer’s will be there to play them.

Real Gamer’s game… you will never hear them say a game is to kiddy, or that a frame rate is unplayable. You will never hear a real game auger ing over the differences between 1080p and 900p … naw real Gamer’s game no matter the platform or device.

Yes Phil Spencer was inbound with his statements IMO and I hope to see more of these C.E.O’S, C.O.O’S, Directors, Devoplers, and the Executives come out the dark and share their opinions or concerns about the heath of the Gaming Industry and the culture it is currently cultivating.

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  • It's about time a CEO put these idolators on blast. Now unfortunately he's taking heavy-fire from people because he had the never to say something. As long as we know that the people running these companies don't think like these idiots out here and can remain balanced and objective gaming is in good hands. Between his statement and the statements made by Kimishima about Nintendo's new direction, I feel good about where gaming is going at least in the short term.

  • Right!!

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