In defense of SuperMetalDave: The never ending AMD vs nVidia on NX debate

I just got through watching SuperMetalDave64’s latest video.  He talked about the similarities between AMD and nVidia but how they both call the same technology different things to differentiate themselves from each other. You can watch the video here.

Now as usual SMD has a clear and concise explanation to what he is saying.  You don’t have to agree or disagree, but no one can reasonably accuse him of not having the facts.  However, in the comments section you have a gaggle of people who are tossing shade at Dave saying that HE’S not looking at the facts and that HE is making presuppositions, and that HE is using HIS opinions rather than facts.  This is how badly this world has deteriorated.  When people have had their conscience and good sense completely seared by pride to where they actually think their opinion is truth when there is nothing else to back it up other than what other people have said with no research done on their own.  Then those same people have the nerve to point fingers at someone who HAS made good sense, who HAS done the research, and bases his opinions off of the actual facts of the source material and verbiage from the people involved rather than a third-party. 

There was some joker going up and down the thread with posts loaded with semantics for no reason other than to entertain himself I would guess.  I refuse to promote his name here.  You can go to the comments section of the video to see who it is.  This is my response to him saying that there is nothing “definitive” to suggest AMD is making the chip-set for the NX and it is not JUST a portable console with a dock.

“How about the CEO and President of Nintendo Saturo Iwata saying that the NX would be a platform with multiple consoles? That seems pretty definitive to me, but I guess Eurogamer knows more about what Nintendo is doing with a device of Iwata’s own conception and design than the former CEO right?

How about the fact that it is against federal and international law for a publicly-traded company to engage in activities of research and development without informing it’s shareholders? That’s definitive.

How about the fact that AMD has had three different high-ranking executives including the CEO of the company tell you that they have three semi-custom design wins for GAMING CONSOLES? Yet, nVidia has had several major events since the Eurogamer narrative was released and not only have they NOT announced any semi-custom design wins for gaming consoles, they told you exactly what their new SoC chips are going to be used for. Again, definitive.

How about that fact that in 2009 Eurogamer “confirmed” the 3DS to be using an nVidia Tegra, and that was proven to be wrong as the 3DS uses a DMP PICA200 which was a decision made by Iwata himself? That’s also definitive but because it COMPLETELY shatters all the credibility of any argument in favor of nVidia, people purposely ignore it.

These are all facts.

You see, the picture is indeed CLEAR to everyone. There are people who choose to look at the facts, and people who choose to see what they want to see. A handheld which docks to a station to become a home console can be called a hybrid. A home console and portable console sharing a common architecture and OS can also be called a hybrid system. People that believe the Eurogamer rumor have hijacked the word “hybrid” to mean what they want it to mean and cling to it like a rescue-can. One of the major fallacies of the Eurogamer argument (and proof of the transparency of the ulterior motives which basically means fueling click-bait articles) is that people like myself have never said that the Eurogamer article CANNOT be true. We’ve pointed out the fact that the article does not fit the FACTS, it only fits the RUMORS. However, Eurogamer and Emily Rogers have stated that the NX CANNOT have AMD architecture and CANNOT be anything other than a portable-hybrid.

There-in lies the fall.

If they were smart (which they clearly aren’t) they would have proposed their theory just as such and said that any other theory is just as valid. If they had journalistic-integrity they would do that. However, that would not breed clicks to their sites. So they have to spin yarns about how their point of view IS the only point of view and that it IS fact. It doesn’t matter if it’s true, only half true, or completely false. They know that people like you are going to flood their sites saying what you say, and people like me will flood their site proving how what you are saying doesn’t fit that FACTS of what NINTENDO has stated.

End result. In Will Smith’s voice…..

!!!!!!!!!!!!CHING CHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s what it’s all about. Money. The NX more than likely is going to be something completely different than what anyone has presupposed at this point. I personally don’t care about what company is making the APU. I don’t care if it’s AMD, nVidia, Intel, IBM, DMP, Android, Tonka, Hasbro, Mattel, McDonalds, Burger King……I DON’T CARE!! All I care about is if the NX gives me graphics on-par with the PS4 and has the type of genres that I enjoy. That is all. So you can keep going up and down the thread with your semantics. If that brings you joy that’s fine by me. I just had to leave this here to prevent any dilapidation on your part to even have a passing fancy that what you are saying makes a lick of good sense. Good day sir.”

So that was the gist of what I said.  Well, it’s exactly what I said.  This debate has gotten to be completely absurd.  It just needs to die.

  • I hear you Mr.D2K.. Nintendo should reveal the NX soon, it's starting to get ugly out there. Everyone is claiming they know what the NX is without the facts. In my opinion I think Nintendo would not reveal the NX until at least they release Pokemon Sun/Moon, Super Mario Run. Becuase I don't think they would want to overshadow some key holiday titles with the release information of the NX

  • I don't think NX news will take away from another that for the simple reason that the NX is still six months (or more) away. I think the reasoning behind having the 3DS Direct was for housekeeping. Get all that stuff out of the way so that the NX can have the stage on it's own.

    Not to mention that whatever the NX is that is going to be a viral story making even more people aware of Nintendo.

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