Independence Day 2: Resurgence Review (non-spoilers)

I decided to go see this film this weekend.  I wasn’t expecting it to blow my socks off or anything.  It was just something to do.  Just to get out of the house.

*Exasperated sigh*……………………….

……..I probably should have stayed home.

I’m sorry. The first movie was revolutionary for it’s time in terms of visuals. It’s kind of campy now when you watch it because it is so dated, but still a good movie to watch.

Independence Day 2: Resurgence
is one of the the WORST movies I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not EVEN over-exaggerating. This movie is AWFUL.

What makes it so bad is that there was a ton of cool stuff to “look at” in the movie. Special effects were superb.

That is ALL that is good in this film. The acting was beyond terrible, the plot was poorly executed, there was no emotional resonance at all, the pacing was terrible, the music was so loud that at times you couldn’t even hear what the people were saying, and when people did open their mouths 75% of the time it was with overly campy dialogue. 

It’s almost like they were trying make a parody of themselves.  I kept waiting for Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow to appear in the bottom right-hand of the screen to do commentary it was so bad.  I heard Joel Hodgson is trying to reboot MST3K.  Well, I got a great selection for your first show if you do bring it back.

They did a poor job explaining how they got from point A to point B from the last film to this one. We go from a normal planet in 1996 to basically Coruscant from Star Wars in this film.

There was so much potential in the actual material they had. So much more could have been done. With the right director and production studio this movie could have been every bit as big as the last one, but instead we get a movie that would be cringe-worthy even as a SyFy original.

1 out of 5 stars I give the film only because the special effects were so good, but trust me when I say this, it will NOT be enough to distract you from the nauseatingly bad acting in this film.

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