Is Console Gaming’s Blueprint For The Future Already Here

The hottest topics in gaming right now are the Nintendo NX, and Microsoft with up-gradable consoles. Which ever topic interests you more the basis is the future of console gaming. We are all interested in what is next. How will our entertainment entertain us in the future. What if the blueprint for that future is already here?

When you think about upgrading your PC to play the latest games the first thing you upgrade is the GPU. So most know when graphics get outdated on a console you have to wait for the next successor. I have been listening to what Microsoft has been talking about and the theories that everyone has concerning this. I thought about it myself and realized the tech to do this is already here and has been here for a while. External GPU’s are not new but are something that have been getting new attention lately. The recent attention being Razer’s Blade Stealth ultra-book. The ultra-book packs some nice specs in a compact design itself but the big picture is the Razor Core.The Razor Core is an external graphics enclosure that you can input your choice of graphics card. This Razor Core will increase the graphical output of the Razor Blade Stealth dependent on what card the user sees fit for its games. If you take this same type of tech and extended it to consoles you can see how not far fetched the idea of an up-gradable console is. The hardware tech is here already to make it happen. The only other question is can they write software to make it work on current consoles or will this be something that we will see in the next cycle?

So what does this have to do with Nintendo and the NX? If you sit down and analyze all the rumors that we have heard so far about the NX they are kinda pointing to something like what Razor is doing. In a nutshell we have a device that you take on the go and when you get home you attach the unit to something else and you game on your TV. The Razor Blade Stealth is a ultra-book that you take on the go and when you get home you hook it up to the Razor Core and it becomes a full fledged gaming PC. Sound similar?

While all of this is just guessing it’s not far fetch if you open your mind and think about the tech that is already here. So before you get upset there is nothing wrong with guessing and speculating as this opens up topics of discussion and thoughts leading to creative things. Once again I ask what if the blueprint for the future is already here? Let me know what you think in the comment sections.

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