Is Nintendo still Ob1 to Sonys Anakin? 

Literally I can already see eyes rolling from the question that this title is asking. I can hear the mental stirrings of a Sony fans mind as I type this out.. The ordasity of you LeveledHeadGamer to even pose the idea that Sony is still a student to Nintendo ..that’s pure Nintendo fanboyism (Yes I know that isn’t a word lol) and I can understand why many may feel that I’m out of line for this question, but I believe you will understand were I’m coming from by the end of this post.
Now don’t get it twisted this is not a jab at Sony … this is not to insult or clown Sony! That is not my intention at all.. so please before you try to stone me for blasphemy, please here me out for a few more paragraphs! Ok.. so we all know that as far as hardware sales go “pacifically” home console sales go Sony is King!(Nintendo is King of Handheld) Sony has dominated the home console space every since they introduced the PS1 to the market! Even the PS3 with a launch day pricetag of $599 still managed to sale 90+ million units of hardware and is still selling. Sony when it come to “video game” home console hardware is tested & proven. They are preferred by most gamers (not all, but most) evening looking at the PS4 Sony is almost selling 2.5 to 1 against Microsoft Xboxones … and in a shorter time managed to eclipsed the year head start of the Nintendo WiiU selling about 5 to 1 while costing $50 to s100 dollars more. 
So yeah this is not a bash Sony post… but the title still needs to be discussed.. How & Why is Nintendo still Ob1 Kenobi to Sonys Anakin? How is Nintendo still the teacher & Sony the student? 
Now we all know that Sony has an infatuation with the innovations & ideas Nintendo brings to gaming …there has not been one innovation or materialized concept that Nintendo has offered to gaming that Sony has not in so form or fashion tried to imitate. I remember when we first heard about the Revolution (code name for the Wii) and motion controls … So when we began to see motion controls in action Sony tried to counter this by adding motion controls to the Dual Shock.. but when they got the chance to (really when they saw that the Wii was a phenomenon) they created their own Wii Remote called the Move! 

It was no different when the WiiU &  GamePad was first shown, Sony tried to use the Vita to emulate the concept of the GamePads off sceen play… and I can keep going from the rumble pack, to Analog controls, to extra shoulder buttons …hack even the TouchPad on the Dualshock 2 is a response to the touch screen on the GamePad! Now I can go on & on but for the sake of time you i believe you got the picture.. Now I won’t act as if Sony hasn’t borrowed ideas from Microsoft also and vice versa.. nor will I overlook the fact that Nintendo themselves have also borrowed from their competitors and other successful companies (Apple anyone lol) but it seems like Sony has a unspoken adoration for Nintendo …a fascination or maybe a quiet reverence for Nintendo! 

Remember it was Nintendo who basically taught Sony the ropes on the Gaming Industry with their fail collaboration that ended up being the PS1 ..they were students to Nintendo at that time!

Now here is Yoshida at the Nintendo Switch event held back in January and he seems to be taking pictures … now it’s no secret that Yoshida is a confessing Fan of Nintendo, he doesn’t mind “as a prominent face for Sony PS division” to express his fandom for Nintendo. Notes: it is a very common practice for companies to visit competitors events… so theres nothing abnormal here, but it’s when a month later you see this that eyes begin to raise!

NO your eyes are not deceiving you.. you are looking at a patent for a Switch like device from Sony .. yet again Sony is seemly interested, or at the very least they’re being proactive just incase the Switch has a Wii like impact ..but what does this say about Sony in relations to Nintendo? To me it says a few things … now alot of  you gamers (especially Nintendo Fans) would choose to go down the negative road of calling Sony names for seemly alluded to the possibility of mimicking the Nintendo Switch concept… but I won’t go that route!  What I see is a Little Brother, Big Brother syndrome. No matter how much success Sony enjoys ..that little brother inside them is always fascinated by what Nintendo does and they want to be like Big Brothers! This is actually very complementing! Why? because it shows respect… it shows that Sony sees what Nintendo is doing and is willing to acknowledge it.. By trying to match it!
Which brings me back to my Title! Ob1 Kenobi was Anakin Skywalker’s Trainer & Teacher.. and what Sony is showing me in how they react to all Nintendo’s ideas & Innovations is that they are still unashamed registered Students at the school of Nintendo …and to that I have nothing but respect!!

  • Richie Dee

    Great article Level head!!, Not sure if you knew this or forgot to mention it but Sony worked close with Nintendo on the Snes Soundchip. in fact it was actually worked on by Ken Kutaragi himself!

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