Launch Offering Hypocrisy: The Gaming Community’s Amnesia

I don’t know what is going on but it just seems like I have to keep giving history lessons. The gaming community is so quick to forget it’s kind of disturbing. Then you add the hypocrisy on top of this type of amnesia and it makes for a more disturbing and frustrating scene.   


So Nintendo has wrapped up their event showcasing the Nintendo Switch and games. Throughout the community, it has been pretty much split between those that are on board, and those that aren’t. Now this is not to say you have to like what Nintendo offers, but don’t make Nintendo have to fit criteria and don’t apply to other systems. What I am talking about is people feel the launch line up for the Nintendo switch is the weakest 1st year ever. They are saying it’s not enough games at launch and they are too spread out.  That’s all great to each their own. But apply this logic across the board! I feel like people just love to shit on Nintendo just because it’s the cool thing to do. The hypocrisy of this complaint about the launch lineup is one that kinda pisses me off. It’s OK not to like the games not everyone is going to like everything. To say it has the worst lineup, that it doesn’t have enough, that it’s spread out too far is straight utter bullshit, and I will explain why.


Quickly we forget about the PS4 and Xbox1 lineup at launch. Hell PS4’s first year was abysmal! Which is why people constantly ask the question how did it sell so well. (be honest it still hasn’t gotten better, Uncharted is probably the best game on there and it just came out last year about 4 years after launch.) Before that Sony first party games have been MIA.  Xbox is not out the heat but I feel they at least attempted to do better by offering some actual NEW titles at launch. Actual games you can’t get on the previous console. Both companies lineups are filled with either previous generation games or games that are still available on the previous hardware.

As you can see in the photo the day 1 Launch titles for the system are laid out with the ones that are exclusives on the outside, and the ones that are multi-plat on the inside. I want you to take a look at this list of games and notice that 90% of the title are games we played on the PS3, and 360. But yet this is the same excuse or complaint that people are saying about Nintendo. When the other 2 did it nobody batted an eye. Now you take away those game and you are left with about 4 or 5 actual new games for each system. For Xbox 1 you have Crimson Dragon, Lococycle, Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, and a couple indie games. For PS4 Contrast, Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack, The Playroom, Resogun. Now other than Killzone and Knack the rest are indie games.  How is this impressive and deserving of more praise than Nintendo? On Sony side, you wouldn’t see another release from their first party until that next year with Infamous, and then towards the end of that year The Order. So why is the same complaint not put towards this offering?

Now let us take a look at the Nintendo Switch Launch lineup. Let’s take the day 1 titles. Now you may not like anything other than Zelda, and that’s OK. That’s a flagship title that Nintendo offered at launch. One that is more critically acclaimed than the day 1 titles offered by the other 2 at launch. Now I know where you’re about to go with your rebuttal,“ but Jon that can be played on the Wii U.” You would be correct in this but, there is one big key difference. Nobody has played it yet. The titles that you had offered to you on the PS3 and Xbox1 that also were on the previous gen were already released and been played. Even Sony’s big hitter Last of Us. Played that game a year before the launch of the PS4. Until Uncharted that was the hottest offering from Sony on PS4 a PS3 game. This was the case for the next 2 years PS3 remakes and third party games. So the difference is Wii u owners haven’t played the game yet, and Switch owners haven’t played the game yet so, either way, it’s still a new experience period. That case can’t be said with the launch lineup of the other 2.


Now not launch day but same month you have Snipperclips for puzzle game lovers, and Fast racing remix for Fast racing neo fans. I am Setsuna(also available on PS4) and Has Been Heros. But let’s say you are not interested in those so you still are only playing Zelda that’s ok I don’t think that’s a game that will be rushed. Next month you have Mario Kart Deluxe. Then next up is Arms but it says Spring so that can be anytime between March and June. Most likely will be May.  Then this summer you have Rime and Splattoon 2. Then you have Skyrim in the fall and Mario during the holidays so that’s between Oct-Dec. Then the rest of the titles TBD but releasing in 2017. Even if you only picked 1 each month you are still offered at least 1 Exclusive Nintendo title each month all the way to 2018. Can you say that about the launch of Xbox1 and PS4? These are all the confirmed titles there could possibly be more that comes, might be some ports coming, who knows but to say that this launch lineup is weak without saying the same thing about the other 2 is hypocrisy. Even if Nintendo got all Wii u titles or all Ports of already released games there is still one thing that they can do that the others can’t, take it with you.  

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  • Brad Lawrence

    Another great read.

    • Jon Shaw

      Thank you for reading I appreciate it.

  • Tim Tom The tome

    Are you counting the first year of PS4 as just November and December ? The biggest issue with this launch year is that nearly half of the games are just re-releases that we can get on any console already… NBA, Mario Kart 8, I Am Setsuna, Just Dance, Skylanders, Rime, Skyrim, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Minecraft, Dragonball, Steep, Fifa, and Disgaea 5 are games we’ve played or had the ability to play. PS4’s first actual year had MANY more games and the same goes for the Xbox One, so yeah, you’re comparing apples to shitty oranges right here

    • Jon Shaw

      Ha ha ha ha Dude you must be smoking that good shit! Pass it! Rofl. Here Ill Tell you what Ill give you a 2 year window Please name me the First Party titles for Sony. Ill wait for your response rofl. This going to be a funny one. Like I said in the post Microsoft had a better line up but it was still lack luster. Now they don’t have anything and we wont find out anything till E3. Please come correct as I’m not your average cat. I own everything from PC to handheld, I also have access to every game all across the board so I know whats out there. But since you think you have something Ill wait rofl.

      • Gority

        Professional response. You didn’t even respond to his counterpoints to your article, you just chastised him. He also never mentioned first party? Which seems to be what you are harping on in your response. He says PS4/X1 had A LOT more games than Switch. I mean, Switch NA launch has significantly less, so your graphic (even though incorrect) kind of proves his point even if you fail to see it, average cat.

        • Jon Shaw

          Actually he never had a counter argument in the first place. as he never read the article as he would know what I was talking about if he did. His whole second sentence shows this and shows that you don’t understand the point of the article either. The fact that I gave him a chance to respond shows that he couldn’t come up with anything. Out of all 3 the XBox had the most games that you could play Day 1. But when would you actually see the big franchises from xbox? not till year 2 and 3. Their first year was them trying to recover from the negative reveal. Now lets talk about PlayStation.

          The whole point to my article is that if you think any one of these companies had a strong lineup at launch and the others didn’t then your hypocritical. Ill explain why. First in his second sentence which you think is his counter argument he says ” The biggest issue with this launch year is that nearly half of the games are just re-releases that we can get on any console already.” That was the first year for all 3 consoles so that argument didn’t need to be countered as I already stated that in the article. Hince why I laughed and gave him 2 years instead of 1. He still couldn’t respond. Why because that is exactly all the PlayStation had was games that could still be played or already played on the last console. Also like I said in the article if I just took 1 game each month It was still more First Party wise than either of the other consoles had to offer of their own first party for a couple years. Also why I laughed and gave him 2 years for a window for his response.

          So now that I see my point has flew over both of you Ill explain it a little better. Its OK if you don’t like the line up that is OK. But if your excuse (that you didn’t have to use in the first place, but people seem to need to justify everything to everyone.) that the games offered could be played already on other consoles then you need to apply that across the board because that is the same thing that was offered by the other 2 companies at launch a majority of games we already played on 360 and PS3. The hottest games for the PlayStation for the first 2 years are remakes or ports of last gen games. So that whole argument is hypocrisy!!!! The title of the post. The point of the post. So when you counter that then I will counter you.

          Fyi last time I checked a professional gets paid I don’t. This is not my job its a hobby. I built this site, I paid for this site, I paid for the domain name. So I can respond to whom ever and how ever I please on my site. I never disrespected him I just laughed and said to pass the blunt he smoking cause he was tripping. No I am not your average cat. Sorry if you want to be average. You can be just like me have the same exact things I have but nope the community would rather argue dumb shit all day. But anyway you have a good day!

          • Gority

            Well first off, and I should have said this in my initial reply, yes very few consoles have a good launch lineup. None of them did this gen, this we are on agreement.

            Yes, Nintendo is offering a flagship game at launch, and one that looks great. However, they also are launching it on the Wii U at the same time, going this whole last gen without a new Zelda title up until launch of their new platform. As someone who has a Wii U, this pisses me off. Imagine Sony/MS going a whole gen until the end without an Uncharted/God of War or MS going without Gears/Halo.

            My personal reasons for not buying a Switch at launch actually have little to do with the launch lineup, and generally outside the scope of the article. But I think $300 is too much when PS4/X1 both offer more in power for less. I think charging for online when they don’t have a great track record for online doesn’t make sense, and I think the online chat through your phone is absurd. I also think that $70 for the pro controller is ridiculous. A lot of people don’t want to play with the Joy Cons and the pro controller should have been included.

            The PS4/X1 launch lineups and post launch lineups get way more 3rd party support, and if Nintendo doesn’t change that, they will always be people’s 2nd or 3rd console.

            Yes, I also agree Nintendo’s first party support is the best year 1 support out of any of the big 3.

            Referring to his comment, he was referring to overall support, not just first party. Your reply was regarding first party, which didn’t have to do with what he was saying.

          • Jon Shaw

            What I am trying to get you to see is that nobody is reading the article. I just found out why. I forgot I posted this on N4g. I am not selling anything, I am not taking a stance on anything. I simply stated you have to apply the same argument about the games across the board. If people would just say you know what I don’t like what is offered and let that be that then there would have been no point to this article. But the main excuse is that the games can be played on the other system or other companies consoles. Well that has been most of “NEXT GEN” and you have to apply that across the board cause the same can be said for MS, and Sony.

            You don’t have to explain to me your reasons for not buying or buying a console. If you want a Switch get it. If not then don’t. But at the end of the day you have a choice and that is something gamers seem to forget. They have the power of choice. Your choice is your choice you don’t have to explain it to anyone.

            Now being upset with Nintendo I understand but at the same time its not really something they could have predicted or expected when 3rd party decided to abandon them after saying all this good stuff about them on stage and how much they are going to support them and then come out with halfed ass ports. As a company you just have to take the L and try to move on to the next thing. Now apply this 3rd party abandonment to the other 2 companies and do you think they would have offered you as many games as Nintendo did? Do you think they could have survived 4 years alone? So while i understand the frustration you have to understand it takes years to make games and 3rd party is supposed to be that break between 1st party titles but when you don’t have that break then what?

          • KUBEFOX

            Great Article and great points 😉
            but I predict many haters plummet here…
            because No matter what Nintendo does… it’s always “bad”
            however no matter what harm does Sony or Microsoft it’s always good, cool
            cute, beautiful and even necessary…

            “Microsoft and Sony charge for online and most don’t bat an eye.
            Nintendo announces a charge and everyone loses their shit.”

            read on:

      • Note5

        Dude how long have you been gaming?

        By now you should know the difference between Nintendo and other gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, and PC.

        In all intent and purposes, Nintendo platforms are made for Nintendo first party games first & 3rd party second. Facts tell us first party games are top sellers and sell Nintendo systems compared to third party games.

        In all intent and purposes, PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, and PC are the exact opposite. They are made with 3rd party as priority. Facts tell us third party games are top sellers and sell these systems more compared to first party exclusive games.

        This has been the case since all these platforms launched since the beginning of time. These platforms’ launch should be based on these standards and criteria.

        On that note Switch launch line up severely lacking in first party games and does not satisfy that standard, or mandate.

        LAUNCH DAY
        The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
        Skylanders Imaginators
        Just Dance 2017

        Has Been Heroes (March 2017)
        I am Setsuna (March 2017)
        Sonic Mania (Spring 2017)
        Lego City Undercover (Spring 2017)
        Arms (spring 2017)
        Super Bomberman R (March 2017)
        Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together! (March 2017)
        Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (April 28, 2017)

        Compared to PS4 for example:

        Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag (Blu-ray/digital)
        Basement Crawl (digital)
        Battlefield 4 (Blu-ray/digital)
        Blacklight (digital)
        Call of Duty: Ghosts (Blu-ray/digital)
        Contrast (digital)
        DC Universe Online (digital)
        Doki-Doki Universe (digital)
        DriveClub (Blu-ray/digital)
        FIFA 14 (Blu-ray/digital)
        Flower (digital)
        Hohokum (digital)
        Just Dance 2014 (Blu-ray/digital)
        Killzone: Shadow Fall (Blu-ray/digital)
        Knack (Blu-ray/digital)
        Lego Marvel Superheroes (Blu-ray/digital)
        Madden NFL 25 (Blu-ray/digital)
        Minecraft (digital)
        N++ (digital)
        NBA Live (Blu-ray/digital)
        NBA 2K14 (Blu-ray/digital)
        Need for Speed: Rivals (Blu-ray/digital)
        Pinball Arcade (digital)
        Planetside 2 (digital)
        Pool Nation Extreme (digital)
        ResoGun (digital)
        Skylanders: Swap Force (Blu-ray/digital)
        Super Motherload (digital)
        The Playroom (preinstalled)
        Tiny Brains (digital)
        Warframe (digital)
        War Thunder (digital)
        Watch_Dogs (Blu-ray/digital)

        PS4 pretty much nailed that standard and criteria right off the bat which lead to a very successful launch and life cycle.

        • Consumer Batman

          Dude, how long have YOU been gaming?

          I notice your padded PS4 list includes digital titles, which you’ve omitted from the Switch list.

          Little Inferno (digital)
          World of Goo (digital)
          Binding of Isaac (retail/digital)
          Dragon Quest Heroes (retail/digital)
          Human Resource Machine (digital)
          Fast RMX (digital)
          four (4) Shovel Knight games (all digital)

          And if we want to include the Japanese releases on this region-free system…

          Nobunga’s Ambition
          Romance of the Three Kingdoms
          Disgaea 5
          Puyo Puyo Tetris

          So, that’s what, 26 games versus 33? And we’re still a month from launch, so who knows how many more will be announced. Moreover, you KNOW that the holiday is more release-heavy, where the Switch is releasing in spring (likely to meet the hardcore Nintendo crowd demand before E3).

          But I guess 26 titles is a failure to the robust success of 33. -_-

    • Consumer Batman

      Speaking of “shitty oranges” your counter-argument is suuuuuuuuuuch bullshit.

      NBA 2K18 isn’t out yet. That’s like saying “the new Call of Duty is a port, because I’ve played the old ones”. RiME hasn’t dropped yet. Nor has Xenoblade 2, which is an entirely new game.

      See, you’re confusing ports and remasters. You don’t know if Skyrim is one, yet, and Disgaea 5 is the complete edition. Kind of like how PS4 claims dozens of exclusives, but many are multi-platform and remasters of previously released games. So, stop acting like Nintendo is alone in remastering MK8, I am Setsuna, and Disgaea 5, as though everyone wasn’t geeking out over ports and remasters of GTA V, Last of Us, and Yakuza 0.

      Just a sample of new Switch titles this year: 1-2-Switch, Breath of the Wild, Fast RMX, Dragon Quest XI, Yooka-Laylee, RiME, Xenoblade 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Has Been Heroes, Sonic Mania, Sonic 2017, Syberia 3, Splatoon, Bomberman, and Snipperclips. And they’ve only announced about half the 100 titles they’re working on.

      New titles. Console exclusives. Nintendo exclusives. Ports. The works. You could easily do this research, yet you refuse to. Lord, the internet is full of people like you. -_-

  • MS K H

    awesome read!!!

    • Jon Shaw

      Thanks Ms K!! Appreciate it.

      • MS K H

        YOU are so welcome

  • Richie Dee

    Great article Jon. I pre-ordered the switch as well. I believe there’s more games coming for it that were unannounced. Also blew my mind that the Joy Cons are already set up and would be perfect for VR!

    • Jon Shaw

      Thanks. I will have to find the post but their was another article out their that had a list of more games that will be available from other companies that didn’t get announced on stage or treehouse. Yea they are ready for that if they want to dive into it. Thanks for your support and have a good 1.

  • heavenshitman1

    I’m set for Switch day 1.

    Here’s a funny thing. Was at a friends house, having a bash at his $1300 Vive VR system, very cool.

    But then we did classic Smash Bros on his N64 1v1 style.

    Probably had more fun on Smash than the Vive in all its Glory. Local multi cannot be understated, and Switch is gonna make that a prime form of gaming again.

    Saw the Street fighter 2 Ultra trailer. How much fun Switch could make such simple software again

    • Jon Shaw

      There is this saying/ proverb that I don’t know the exact words to but goes something like this. The wrapping on the present is pretty but that only last till the present is open then whats inside has to have meaning. I like to compare that to the games of today. Power can only get you so far if your game doesn’t have any substance, but substance can get you way more than power.

      At first I was kinda mad at Capcom for that. I still kinda am. Feel MVC 3 would have made more sense seeing they have the next game coming soon. But as I read and see peoples responses I can see why they are excited about it. Thanks for reading and I appreciate your comment.

      • heavenshitman1

        I agree 100% ’bout Capcom. This honestly feels like them trying to short-cut and hitch a free ride off Nintendo. WiiU had mass issue with 3rd parties being lazy (so did Wii for that matter).
        If SF2 Ultra succeeds well, it’ll be because of Switch, not cause of Capcom.

        But I used their game as just a pure example of the fun that may cone of classic games.
        We don’t all need 500hr MMOs to entertain.

        Talking bout fighters though, seems a Dragon Ball Z is set for Switch, that should absolutely rock with just a little care put in. I liked the Wii DBZ

        • Jon Shaw

          Yea they are supposed to be porting zenoverse 2 and I am glad I didn’t purchase it yet so I will be playing it on the switch.

  • Thank you for this, it gives me hope that present day gaming community are not ALL drones.
    I agree on all fronts and add: most of the people spreading hate on the Switch launch are the obvious kind that want Nintendo to fail so they can “play Nintendo games on their favorite system” type. Granted the accessories are expensive and third party heavy hitters haven’t landed, but i feel like they (third parties) seem to be more happy/optimistic with Nintendo’s system this time around…pre ordered mine as well, happy gaming!

    • Jon Shaw

      Yea man there are still some of us left. We just have to band together and start to show our selves more. We have to be more vocal because right now the most vocal are the people who play the least. Thanks for taking the time to read.

      • Once again i agree, it’s refreshing to see someone bother to take time and point these things out (even if it falls on deaf ears) because it reaches out to people who are pretty fed up with the drama and “double standards” this “new gaming community era” has brought. I mean seriously dude, i lived and had a blast with the console wars way back with the Snes/Genesis (even acted out fanboyish, from time to time LOL) but LORD WTF happened to the gamers that got so caught up with becoming armchair: analysts/ lawyers/businessmen/developers…and stopped playing games in order to “fight the good fight” for their: “Masters” LOL. And yes we need to band together and see if we can overpower these zombies and return gaming to its former glory: Where companies had to MAKE AND EFFORT when it came to making great quality games, and gamers enjoyed themselves and among others, the spoils of victory! 🙂

  • Switch Boyz

    I like Nintendo but this “Article” is so fanboy that i could not finish it.
    ps4 had more games on day 1 than switch through the whole year , not a single AAA game
    My friend already canceled preorder simply because there was nothing that interested him “not everyone has to like zelda” and buying a new console for bomberman would be stupid and so well wait until the splatoon 2 is out

    • Jon Shaw

      Why is it that everyone that responds has yet to name those games? NOBODY HAS NAMED THOSE SUPPOSED MYSTERY AAA GAMES THAT PS4 IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE. I didn’t say you had to like anything at any point in my article. I never said I liked the line up or didnt like the line up. I just said if you are going to make the excuse that the games are available on other consoles then you have to apply that to the launch offering of the other 2 companies as well. Then I said if you are going to talk about first party offerings is lack luster than you also have to apply that across the board. Even if you took 1 game each month from Nintendo its still a more critically acclaimed franchise than what was offered 1 or 2nd year on PS4.

      • angh

        Not enough capital letters, but this time you did not ask about what is he smoking, so i guess it is a progress.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    you have completely missed the point on why the switch seems to have a lack of games… and judging by your replies to people in the comment section you aren’t interested in a conversation but are just looking for equally brainwashed fanboys to tickle your balls and let you know how good of a job you’re doing…

    This entire article misses the point and things seem pathetic on your behalf tbh.

    • Jon Shaw

      Then why don’t you make your point instead of talking dumb shit.

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        are you seeing how you reply to people…. you dont even know how to have a convo.. stop being a little bitch and fucking relax.. and i KNOW your bitch ass is going to delete my comments and block me form your piece of shit website but i dont care its proven my point that you’re an idiot who doesn;t know hwo to conduct himself….

        If you could read i legit told you you’ve missed the point entirely but if you’re too blinded by your fanboyism then fantastic.. enjoy your day you man child.

    • Note5

      You can be sure there is a beefier New Nintendo Switch XXL i in the works so save your money. This is how Nintendo rolls through the years.

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        i actually 100% agree with you.. ive been telling people that i wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo released a more deluxe version…

  • jacksjus

    How do you post facts and still argue them. Both The XB1 and PS4 had 20+ games to play day one. The Switch looks to have about 5. Now whether you like them or not the point is games available.

    Your point about Sony not having any good games til UC4 is ridiculous. Infamous, Drive Club, LBP3, Until Dawn, SFV, Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank, The Order, Guilty Gear, etc…

    You not liking these is your opinion but to say there was nothing is retarded. Must be that ish you’ve been smoking.

  • notmy cellphone

    About time SOMEONE pointed out the extreme hypocrisy! Thanks!

    • Jon Shaw

      Your welcome and thanks for reading.

  • Debbie G.

    I like it this way, because it give me time to save up some money for the next games instead of having to buy them all at launch. Also I don’t have to choose which one I’m going to play, I can enjoy Zelda only for about a month 🙂

    • Jon Shaw

      Great point. This also makes it so you don’t have to feel like your missing out on games because you have 5 games launching at the same time which would be another 400 bucks. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

    • Note5

      Wait for the New Nintendo Switch XXLi,bud.

      • Debbie G.

        I don’t want to wait another year for that. Want to play MK8D and Mario Odyssee as soon as it launches.

  • Simon

    I complained about the line-up for Switch because I learnt my lesson from the PS4. I was an early adopter and was left thoroughly disappointed for a long time, I admit it. But that has made me open my eyes and feel more guarded about future console releases, day 1. You’ve said it yourself, there’s 1 single game that makes the Switch worth buying on day 1, Zelda, fine. However, my biggest complaint here is that I would be paying over £300 (in the UK) for a new console and 1 single game when I already have a Wii U, that’s a big complaint for me! Yes, I know not everyone will have a Wii U, so that’s fine, they can choose which console to buy.

    I then have a big problem with your article, you’ve actually contradicted yourself and stated double standards.

    Let me clarify……..

    Zelda Breath of the Wild – doesn’t matter how you state this, it’s a previous gen game ported to Switch. Even if it’s coming out on Wii U and Switch, it’s the identical game, so tell me how it’s worth getting the newer console to play it?

    You state a number of games released for PS4 that were previous gen but then list a bunch of games being released for Switch that are fine……..let’s look at that list…….

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – that’s right, 8, same game as the Wii U with a few more characters and 8-player local. Worth buying it all over again?

    Rime, Arms, Mario Odyssey, etc, fine, all new games, fair enough, no problem with that. Except that you could match those up with a list of new titles for Xbox One and PS4 in their first year, so that negates that argument.

    Then there’s I Am Setsuna. You acknowledge it’s already out on PS4, so again, another non-exclusive that could have been released on Wii U.

    Then there’s Skyrim. I’m already aggrieved that it’s been “remastered”, I’m against remasters, particularly from only the previous generation of consoles, it just screams laziness and trying to get as much money out of gamers as possible, I hate the whole remastered concept! Anyway, it’s not a Nintendo exclusive is it!

    Splatoon 2 – read up about it. Those that have played it are, again, like MK8 Deluxe, calling it a port of the previous with a few extras. How does this constitute making it out to be a sequel?!

    I get what you’re saying in the article, the main point is that the PS4 and Xbox One releases were also poor, but if you look around a lot of the community were unhappy with those too! It probably felt more covered up because it was a new generation of gaming machines! People then got wise and I think that’s why people are complaining about the Switch’s release, it’s disappointing to say the least.

    I intend to wait at least a year now, see what comes out for it, wait for it to drop to a more reasonable price, then I’ll probably buy into it……..much like I did with the Wii U!

  • John Henri Rivera

    I feel you are wrong about Zelda, yes it is a new game but it is not exclusive to the new console. So if I own a Wii U, I do not have to run out and buy a Switch to play imo the one and only game worth it will followed by Mario in Novemember. Mario Kart 8 in April and Splatoon 2 in Summer are good but not unique enough to sell me on spending $$$ for a whole new system. Mario being a port of the Wii U version and Splatoon 2 being Splatoon 1 with online play. So that said the one unique exclusive on the Switch will be Mario Odessey which comes out 8 monthe after launch.

  • KashIsKlay

    The Og xbox and Dreamcast had the best launch games. No console has come close.

  • John C

    I still enjoy the Wii U, and it just finally made sense to me to take a chance on The Switch. If Nintendo pisses me off for some reason, then I will cancel my pre-order. But Zelda is going to be amazing. Nintendo does need to give us more information about the console and games before March. It would be nice if they surprised fans with a few more launch titles.


    I completely disagree!

    You dont seem to get that there were more PS4 games at launch than switch games announced for the year! plus the undeniable certainty that most 3rd pary games and indies would also come.

  • Note5

    The biggest hypocrites this year will be the are the Nintendrones who bashed PS Plus and Xbox Live paid subscription service yet will pay Nintendo’s online service.

    Let the hypocrisy begin!

  • Note5

    When you are coming from a failure standpoint Reggie you gotta come out swinging right out of the gate and crash the PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile and PC party in order to redeem yourselves, right?

    You came out with a cringe worthy presentation:
    with young developers shaking at the knees with intense fear of Nintendo share holders showing non video gaming gimmicks where you look at other people’s eyes and not your expensive TV,
    vapour ware promises of third party support with no proof,
    an arsenal of sure fire cash grab accessories aimed at your loyal fans to recoup your Wii U loses and
    no new & original 1st party heavy hitters on launch
    instead your launch title is a ported title that many Wii U owners will buy instead!
    No Mario game on launch???

    And BTW one free NES or SNES game with expiration attached to it per month!!?
    Gimme a break! Not even old N64, Gamecube, Wii or Wii U title??
    Scrooge You Nintendo!!! Scrooge you!

  • Consumer Batman

    You have no idea how often I’ve had to use this very argument against naysayers with short term amnesia in the past three weeks.

    … I love facts. The internet is not the place for them. Bless you, citizen.

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