My response to ShadowFox response to Leveled

I said I was not going to do blogs anymore, but this situation irritated me and I felt the need to jump in. This is my response to ShadowFox’s response to Leveled regarding his video about 3rd parties. 

~ You have some good points here that I agree with, but there is a lot of revisionist history in this and some of it came across as condescending. So you want facts eh? ~


The Wii U sells at a profit right now. However it sold at a LOSS from launch until 2014.

Keep in mind that this was an under-powered console that was only $50-100 dollars cheaper (depending on which model you bought) than the more powerful PS4 and yet sold at a loss while the PS4 sold at a profit of $18 dollars at $399.99 only a few months after launch.

The 3DS sells at a profit right now. However the 3DS sold at a LOSS at the beginning and the launch had many issues that have since been corrected.

The Wii U has had the best-selling 1st-party games this generation bar-none. In fact, if you look at the top-10 best-selling games on the Wii U it comes to 35 million plus games. That is more than the PS4 and XB1 COMBINED in terms of 1st party sales. However, those numbers are somewhat inflated because when you have little-to-no 3rd-party support and you own a Wii U, what else is available to play other than Nintendo 1st-party material?

Now you said (paraphrasing) that from a “business” standpoint what makes a company successful is whether or not they are profitable. Okay. There is some truth in that. Obviously every company wants to make money and be profitable. However it is not for you or I or anyone to determine what any select company considers a “success” or “failure.” That is their prerogative and their decision. There are a lot of factors involved in business that have to be taken into account. Profit is only *one* aspect of that.

Compare it to a football team. You have many moving parts necessary for a team to be successful and being great in one, two, or even three areas doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Your QB could be playing at an MVP-level, that doesn’t mean anything if your defense stinks, the coaching is sub-par, or if you lack talent in your skill positions.

Traditionally Nintendo has had a 5-7 year window console release schedule. If Nintendo felt that the Wii U being profitable, 3DS being profitable, Amiibos being profitable, and the 1st party games being profitable was “enough” why are we getting the Switch so soon or in fact at ALL? Why did Nintendo basically shut down all Wii U game development? Why did Nintendo severely curtail (if not shut down) Wii U console production, and why is Nintendo taking a HUGE RISK at under-cutting it’s MOST profitable product (being the 3DS) by releasing another portable-device that there is no guarantee that it will get over, is targeting a consumer base that has proven to be fickle, and could confuse the consumer base in general? Unzip the Nintendo-fan suit and step outside yourself for a second.

Right now the 3DS is a unique device. Not because of the glasses-free 3D, but because it is the only dedicated portable-gaming console that has strong games support. To a person that does not own a 3DS, has never owned a 3DS or a Nintendo portable at all, explain to me logically why this person would want to buy a 3DS and the Nintendo Switch is sitting there on the shelf?

Remember, this is not someone that has a soft-spot in their heart for Nintendo, or a Nintendo idolater that guzzles-up everything Nintendo does as gospel truth. This is a just a random consumer looking for a portable-gaming device or heard about the Switch through word of mouth. Maybe someone who is used to gaming on their mobile device and said “Heck, I’ll give it a shot.” I myself cannot see any reason to even THINK about buying the 3DS.

Like I said, this is a HUGE RISK that Nintendo is taking from a “business” standpoint. Especially considering that the 3DS averages 100-150,000 units sold per week which is holding it’s own with the PS4 in week-to-week sales.

You don’t take risks unless you feel that what you are doing is NOT WORKING. You don’t go for an onside-kick when you are up 3 touchdowns. You do it when you are DOWN three touchdowns.

I cannot confirm what the board of directors feel on a day-to-day basis about the state of affairs at Nintendo, but their actions show me that they feel what they have is NOT good enough. 

I’m a different kind of cat where I pay attention to what people are DOING rather than what they are saying. It’s a fact that shareholders were not happy at ALL with the Switch reveal. It’s “supposition” that the only reason why we even know the date for the Switch Press Event is because Nintendo panicked due to the market’s reaction to the Switch reveal. Nintendo’s actions show us that they like to wait until the last minute to tell us when they are going to be doing anything. That’s been their pattern for the last 5 years or so.

I’ll finish this by talking about the 3rd party support issue. It was NINTENDO that wanted to show Skyrim and NBA 2K17 in the Switch trailer to show US that it would have 3rd party support. It was NINTENDO that gave US that graphic of all the 3rd party companies on board with them now. It was NINTENDO that allowed Sega, Ubisoft, and Square-Enix to reveal to US that they had games in development for the Switch even before it was revealed. It was NINTENDO that scrapped their partnership with AMD to go with nVidia which is known for par-excellence in terms of gaming performance and asked them to make a custom chip-set that at least was in the ball-park of the competition, but 3rd parties would have no issues porting games over to the system. Why did Nintendo do these things? It’s because we TOLD them that 3rd party support was important. Not just on forums, blogs, and Youtube channels, but at the cash register.

The Wii U started out with half-decent 3rd party support and ended up with ZERO. So the fact that Nintendo did all of these things shows that they felt something was WRONG with 3rd party support on Nintendo consoles and something needed to be done about it.

We all know that the PS4 is a run-away freight train in terms of sales at nearly 45 million. The XBOX One at about half of that. The Wii U at half of that. The PS4 has sold 81 million units of 3rd party games in just the top-10 best-selling PS4 games ALONE.

81 MILLION 3rd party games…….that has helped Sony to sell (for a profit) nearly 45 million PS4 units.

That is nearly 800 MILLION dollars PROFIT from the console sales of the PS4 ALONE. From a “business’ standpoint 3rd party support DOES matter and Nintendo’s actions have proven that. This is just based off of what we know about the Switch. It could potentially be more impressive than we think which would drive this point home even more.

So Nintendo has made a TON of mistakes in the past. They have admitted to them. Pretending that mistakes are not mistakes, or throwing shade at people who correctly point out those mistakes is never going to solve any problems. As of what we know for sure the Switch is not something that appeals to me personally, but we don’t know enough to give a objective “yay” or” nay” to the console. In my humble opinion.

Let’s wait until January the 12th.

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