My thoughts on E3

Overall I thought that E3 2016 was good.  Most companies came with a lot of good content this year,  I certainly don’t think the argument of whether or not E3 is still relevant is even plausible anymore.  It never was an issue in my mind.  What we have seen is E3 adapting to the times and I think it did a good job at that.  I’m not gonna spend a lot of time going into everything so I’ll just hit a few points I felt were the ones that stood out to me the most.


EA – The conference to me felt very dated.  It didn’t look, feel, or sound different than any conference they have done in years past.  Of course they spent the majority of the time talking about their sports titles which again, whooptee-doo.  It’s the same thing every year.   

~ Battlefield 1 looks great, but I’m not interested in WWI themed-games.

BethesdaPrey looked interesting and looked fantastic graphically, but it reeks of “bait-and-switch.”  I’ll wait until I see sustained real-time game-play before I look at that.  

~ I’m interested in Quake.  That was an awesome game on PC back in the day. That along with Unreal Tournament is what got me into PC gaming. 

Ubisoft – I didn’t watch their conference.  Aisha Tyler is annoying and vulgar.  From what I’ve heard from others that watched it, Ubisoft continued with their immature banter, excessive profanity, and inside jokes which drastically take away from the content of the show.  It almost seems like they are trying to entertain themselves rather than all of us at these shows. 

Microsoft –  This conference started out with a bang, and ended with a bang.  The middle was very…….meh.  I like the XBOX One S.  Apparently it is “very slightly” more powerful than the regular XB1.  Probably just overclocked the CPU and GPU to allow for 4K streaming and HDR.   

~ Gears Of War 4 looks a lot better now than in the BETA I played a month ago.  Hopefully improvements continue.  YAAAAAAAAY to Horde Mode 3.0!!!  That was a deal-breaker for me if that wasn’t in the game.  I’ve heard that as long as the host has a certain map or map pack, you can play Horde Mode on those maps even if you don’t have them yet.  On the surface that sounds awesome, but their reasoning for why they are doing that kind of makes me wonder.  They said they are doing this to entice people to buy the maps.  I’m not sure why anyone who is a Gears fans would need to be “enticed” to buy Horde Maps UNLESS the maps are going to be more expensive than usual.  So we’ll see about that.  

~ I was not impressed with Recore.  It just didn’t look very interesting.  I was expecting something more from this studio.  Not saying it won’t be good.  Just not my cup of tea.

~ On the flip side, I wasn’t expecting to care about Rare’s game Sea Of Thieves at all, yet it actually looked kind of cool. Obviously you need friends that you can trust to follow directions for the game to flow properly, but I like the concept. 

~ Of course you all know I was hyped to see Halo Wars 2.  It looks amazing, however after playing the BETA and hearing about the lack of cross-platform play (at least for now) kind of left me with a question mark.  The game feels slightly awkward because while some controls are still the same as the original, other controls are kind of mixed up and it is somewhat disorienting.  When it came to Halo Wars, a lot of what I did was based on muscle-memory in order to react quickly to situations.  So it is going to take awhile to get used to the new set up.  The jury is still out, but there is a long way to go before this game goes gold.

Lastly, the announcement of Project Scorpio.  The fact that Microsoft stood their on stage and said plainly and emphatically that Scorpio (which I think is the XBOX Two) will be THE most powerful console ever.  That takes a lot of “testicular fortitude.”  Especially when Sony and Nintendo have not finalized the specs of their consoles yet.  It seems obvious that Scorpio will at least be using a Polaris 10 GPU either customized or overclocked to give the console 6 teraflops as the Polaris 10 does 5.5 teraflops.  There are rumors that Scorpio will use the Zen CPU architecture as well.  Most likely, but not confirmed.  Microsoft claims they have been working on Scorpio for over a year, which all but confirms my theory that the three design wins announced from AMD by CEO Lisa Su back in mid 2015 were indeed for NX, Neo, and Scorpio.  So most likely all three consoles will be using some form of Polaris GPU.  I’m sure Neo and Scorpio will definitely be using Polaris 10.  It’s possible NX could be using Polaris 10, but Nintendo never wanting to conform will probably choose the weaker Polaris 11 just for the sake of doing it.  I’ll get to them later.

Overall I though Microsoft had a fair-to-good conference. 

Sony – Boy oh boy.  This was without question the best conference that I have EVER SEEN.  It was just about perfect.   This is THE blueprint from now on to how you should do a conference.  Start off with a major reveal of a major IP, then hit us with back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back game reveals and trailers.  Show us games we actually wanted to see.  Give us release dates for games we want release dates for.  Acknowledge your new hardware (PSVR)  in a way that doesn’t suffocate the whole presser and don’t beat around the bush with the price.  Give us a few surprises, and do VERY MINIMAL TALKING!!!! 

There is no need to focus on certain games because EVERY game they showed was awesome.  There wasn’t one whack game they showed.  Not ONE.  Sony convinced me not only to buy a PS4, but PSVR as well, and I was dead-set against VR before this presser. Outstanding job by Sony.  THIS is an example of how you treat your fan base.  THIS is an example of a company that is listening to it’s fans base.  That’s not to say Microsoft isn’t too because they are.  They announced a lot of changes and additions to the XBOX brand that were long overdue.   Sony however just burst the floodgates with win.  Without a doubt, Sony had the best performance of this conference and didn’t even have to mention PS4K once.

So Microsoft dropped bombs with hardware, and Sony dropped bombs with software.  You have to wonder if Sony didn’t troll Microsoft again with this one.  They let the specs of PS4K leak out.  The whole industry is buzzing about PS4K (Neo.)  So in order to outdo Sony, Microsoft chooses to focus their presser on hardware innvoation.  Sony counters their counter with having more games to show than anybody.  Sony may have got them again.  I think both companies did what they had to do and most definitely the price of poker has gone up.

*exasperated sigh*………………………… we get to…….O_o


Nintendo – Whatever that was yesterday, I’ll try to focus on the good parts.  I could care less about Poke’mon, but I suppose that the footage of Poke’mon Sun and Moon made Poke’mon fans happy.  That’s that.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wind looks like it may be the most ambitious title ever made by Nintendo.  I didn’t watch a lot of it because even watching as much as I did felt spoiler-ish to me.  I like to immerse myself in the game with Zelda from opening credits to ending credits.  Graphically, the art-style looks like a mixture of Windwaker and Skyward Sword which were two art-styles I did not care for, but it looks good on the Wii U.  Obviously the Wii U has more power to work with than the Wii and GameCube so you would expect better lighting, better textures, smoother animation, better particle effects, better physics, etc.  I expect the game to look even better on the NX.  If the game is just a port of the Wii U version then it will look a little better, but if it has been built from the ground up on NX hardware then it should look considerably better and considering how good the game looks, that could be quite the treat.  Unless Nintendo changes their mind and releases the Wii U version this Holiday, I won’t be purchasing the Wii U version.  Absolutely no reason to.  I’ll be buying the NX version.   

Unless you are a diehard Nintendo fan………that pretty much is it.  Literally. 

*sigh*  I’m not going to waste time beating a dead horse on this because I’ve said ad-nausea my feelings on Nintendo.  Based off of Nintendo’s recent actions and a report from Ubisoft saying that the NX will be targeting the Wii audience they lost, this video pretty much sums it up.


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