My thoughts on Nintendo NX Rumors

  • Good post Jon, I have a question for you: If nintendo would release the new Zelda game for both WiiU and NX, With the NX version running at a higher resolution and better framerate but with no gamepad support, which version would you buy?

  • That depends on if the rumors for the nx being hybrid are true. If they are then I would get it for the nx being that i can take it on the go. If not then next thing would be price of new system and amount of games it has for it. Reason being is if I am going to get a new console then I might as well get the game for that. But what will most likely happen is I will get both. I will prob start playing it on wii u and then if i get nx get it on that and give wii u version to my son. Thanks for watching and thanks for the question.

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