My Thoughts On The Nintendo Switch

I talk about how I am feeling about the Nintendo Switch now that it has been a month and half after launch. Do I still feel the same way? Find out in the video.

  • Jewelwriter Moonstar

    I’ sorry but I do enjoy your talk about it but it seems like the complaints are tiny at most…the charging method, the communications (at least to me), and the bluetooth headset stuff.

    • Jon Shaw

      They are tiny but they are still negatives. Even if they are little you still have to talk about what you don’t like when giving your thoughts on something.

      • Jewelwriter Moonstar

        Maybe…but I mean real negatives that could throw someone off is what I was looking to and those were so small that I really couldn’t see how it would really throw someone off. I mean the headphone thing was stupid to me. (AND I have only experienced it in another’s place.)

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