Nintendo Switch: Taking It On The Chin

I will get into my thoughts about Nintendo’s announcement in a bit, but I have to take care of business first.

When I’m right about something I try to say humble and not get obnoxious about it.  When I’m wrong I stand up like a man and admit that I am wrong and give the appropriate apologies. 

So first off let me say that I was 100% WRONG about the Nintendo NX which we now know is the Nintendo Switch.  I was WRONG about the Eurogamer article and everything in it.  I was WRONG about my synopsis of Emily Rogers and her comments.  In fact, I was wrong about everything.  So, I’m sorry for basically talking out of turn because clearly I had no idea what I was talking about. 

When you have such a preponderance of information that makes all the logical sense in the world and yet it turns out to be WRONG, it calls into question why you even do this.  I’m not doing a service to people if I am a fountain of misinformation.  I never wanted to be that guy that just shouts off things out of his butt with no validity whatsoever.  I do my research, I study, and I try to be fair and objective.  When you are THIS wrong something has to be done. So this will be my final blog post here on

Before I go, I’ll share my thoughts about Nintendo Switch.  The trailer was very well done.  It got the point across as to what the console is, and what it does.  It kind of begs the question as to why Nintendo waited so long to tell us essentially what we already knew.  This basically is a powerful-portable console which you have the OPTION of playing on a TV.  When you look at the trailer, the vast majority of it is designed to show off the mobile gaming aspect. People traveling in cars, on planes, at the park, etc. So we know what audience they are going after.  The home gaming aspect really looked secondary.  In fact, the theme music that plays throughout the trailer starts when the man gets up to go slap the detachable controllers on the the tablet to go outside.  A clever trick from a marketing standpoint. So they definitely pushed the portable narrative well.

I’ve only owned one portable console in my life (PSP) so this device doesn’t really appeal to me.  I see where Nintendo is going and what they are trying to do, but I ask myself a few questions.

1. If I already own a tablet, why do I need this? Based on what Eurogamer says it’s BARELY as powerful as an XB1.

2. If I can buy a portable device that is almost as powerful as an XBOX One, and have the option of playing on TV, why do I need or WANT a 3DS?

3. If the dock does not give the Switch any extra power (according to Eurogamer and everything else they said was right so you can’t exclude this) nor there is any Supplement Computing Device anywhere, how is this things supposed to compete for the long-term?

4. If Nintendo is making mobile games now, again why do I need THIS?  Especially if I have an XBOX console, PlayStation console, or PC?  I can just play Nintendo mobile games on the smart device I already have to scratch my Nintendo itch.

This is a 9th-gen console and it is already less-powerful than the current-gen.  It’s going to be even more underpowered compared to the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio, and it will be more than a generation behind in power compared to the XBOX 2 and PlayStation 5 which will be like the Wii all over again. 


the Nintendo Switch has tall 3rd party support.

List Of Nintendo Switch 3rd party companies

So something is amiss here.  We even saw Skyrim during the trailer. No guarantee that it was running on the portable however.  They at least plan to bring the game to Switch.  I don’t know what Skyrim it was, but fact that you have this game, plus a game like Zelda:BOTW running on this console suggests that this Tegra processor running in Switch must be more powerful than suggested.  Again, Eurogamer says it’s barely as powerful as an XB1 and they were right about everything else so I’m not going to question that.  I’ve learn my lesson there.

What little they showed of the Mario game looked pretty interesting.  At one point it looked like Mario was actually in a city.  Don’t know what that is all about but that was intriguing enough for me not to write this system off.  That coupled with the 3rd party support, and the fact that Nintendo featured 3rd parties HEAVILY in the trailer which is one of the things I said in one of my last blogs Nintendo needed to do.  Now that they have 3rd party support again, they need to stay aggressive in promoting their games as well as their own. 

I’m not sure about the name “Switch.”  It makes sense sort of, but Switch sounds a lot like Twitch and that could get confusing if not annoying.  Especially if Switch has Twitch functionality (it better.)  I guess it’s more of a pet peeve than anything else.

So now I will take my final bows.  I appreciate those who have supported me by giving me this outlet to voice my opinions (which turned out to be just onions.)  I’d like to thank the Jon Shaw for allowing me to come on and post my material here.  I’d like to thank LeveledHead for bringing me into the fold as well.  I’d like to thank people like Nia (VideoGameHER) as well as RichieDee (spelling?) for always being constant followers of my blogs and everyone else as well that I can’t think off of the top of my head.  I will definitely be on the next Live and Leveled Podcast.  Beyond that, I don’t know.   Thanks to all, and God bless.

  • None of the reporting you did on this blog is your fault. You weren't providing misinformation. You provided Nintendo's words and they went against them. Most, if not all of this, is Nintendo's fault for sticking so vehemently to prior plans only to make a 180 pretty much in 2015.

    If the Switch is a handheld that connects to your TV, with no "console mode" whatsoever, Nintendo is quite frankly a bastard for not only abandoning the console market but lying on many levels, including this being a "new concept."

  • I think Nintendo is so out of touch that the think Switch is a "new concept." It'll be interesting to see how Aikun feels about this.

  • They even had the nerve to basically confirm that they are basically out of the home console business.

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  • It means that the only thing that Emily Rogers and Eurogamer were wrong about is the power of the console, because if the regular XB1 cannot do 1080p/60fps then a portable console that is BARELY on-par with the XBOX with no processing help from the dock can do that.

    So either the Switch cannot do 1080p/60fps, or it is more powerful than we think.

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  • Reposting due to accidental deletion: I'm absolutely certain the Switch has 1080p games since the Wii U does. If the dock does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, then I'm blown away that the screen is 1080p at an acceptable battery life.

  • Their speculation was based on the placeholder Tegra X1. They have no knowledge of what the CUSTOM GPU will be like, but if the X1 is intended to simulate the final power, it doesn't look too good.

    The thing is: Wasn't Smash in 1080p 60fps on the Wii U? Even if the actual graphic fidelity doesn't change from the Wii U much, how can you do that on such a small form factor?

  • I guess we'll find out. If the thing is more powerful than the regular PS4, then I'm fine with it. That's all I really asked for and like you said, that notion is still in play.

  • very good read and I respect your thoughts/views

  • Thank you.

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