November 23rd, 2016 could be a big date.

Take this with a HUGE grain of salt because it is really reaching.  Some of you may be familiar with SuperMetalDave64 on Youtube.  He also runs a website called  There has been a lot of rumors and speculation regarding things that he has said, and things that have happened to him.

MetalDave has done a superb job on his Youtube channel posting Nintendo news, and information about Nintendo and tech information in a clear, concise, and mature manner which I why I sub his channel.  He’s a huge Nintendo fan, but he is not a fanboy.  He’s not out to make himself bigger than the news he presents.

Several weeks ago MetalDave released a few videos regarding possible games on the release schedule for 3DS, Wii U, and the NX.  Apparently he “had” a verified source that worked for Nintendo who gave him this exclusive information which turned out to be true for the most part. 

Then all of a sudden those videos were taken down and MetalDave stopped posting videos except one telling us that there would be forthcoming updates.  I’m not going to speculate on what happened because that’s none of my business.  However, MetalDave posted a video recently thanking all of his subscribers as he had gone over 6,000 subs (congratulations BTW.)  He also stated that he would be taking a leave of absence from Youtube and did not know precisely when he would be back.  He again asked his subscribers to remain subbed to the channel as he is not shutting down but just taking a vacation. 

Now that in and of itself is kinda fishy considering the situation, but not necessarily an enigma.  A lot of Youtubers go on hiatus at times.  People have lives outside of their channel.  People got stuff to do.  Things to take care of.   How his video ended, or rather the time it ended has sparked another controversy.

As you can see, MetalDave said what he had to say, and then let approximately 7 minutes and 14 seconds of footage from Xenoblade Chronicles X play us out.  Now, I’ve watched just about all his videos and he does love Xenoblade Chronicles X as a lot of people do.  It is a phenomenal game and totally slept on by the biased, paid-off media unwilling to give Nintendo proper respect but that’s a topic for another day.  He has XCX footage playing in a lot of his videos.  So again, this is NOT unusual in and of itself. 

HOWEVER, it is strange that he would just allow 7:14 of XCX footage play.  The video ends at 11:23.  That is where things get interesting.  Now pretty much everything he has said has come to fruition regarding Nintendo News.  It was proven and validated that his source at Nintendo was legit.  Some people are saying that SuperMetalDave64 just broke-the-code and gave us the release date of NX………….

November 23rd, 2016. 

That would be on a Wednesday.  The day before Thanksgiving, and two days before Black Friday.  Now again, this is DEEP SEA fishing, however it’s something that you can keep in the back of your mind.  11/23/16 sounds like the most logical release date of NX anyway if it is coming out this year.  People (like myself) who don’t fiend off of Black Friday would enjoy being able to purchase the console and games in a less hectic environment.  Whenever I buy a console at launch I always find the path of least resistance to get it. 

So we will see what happens.  Things seem to be breaking all over the place regarding NX news.  Leaks are sprouting everywhere regarding NX and a lot of damage control is being implemented by Nintendo and even some 3rd parties which in my opinion is a good sign about the future of NX.  Clearly Nintendo has a monster in the closet and doesn’t want people to know about it yet.

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