Now THIS is the Nintendo we WANT

Now see, THIS is the type of marketing that has been SO BAD missing from Nintendo for YEARS.  THIS is the Nintendo that I remember.  THIS is the style of marketing that I grew up with in the 80s and 90s.  THIS is exactly what Nintendo needs to keep on doing.

Whenever the NX shows up, I want to see this type of marketing for it.  Use that nostalgia to your advantage.  I’ve heard nothing but positive things about this mini NES so if it was Nintendo’s idea to see if the nostalgia of the Nintendo of years past still had some life, I think they got their answer.  At least from me.  Hopefully when it comes time to start advertising the NX, we will see commercials like this and lots of them  I hope we will see them during prime-time hours as well as morning and afternoon hours when children are normally watching TV.

Keep up the good work.

  • This looks really cool, I'll probably buy one just for collection. But I agree with you D2K I think this type of marketing needs to be done for NX.

  • I'm getting one so I can clean mine out and vacuum seal it and put it in storage. It will also make it easier to record games than my current setup.

    Marketing is important but having the right games is more important. You can market the hell out of something but if nobody wants it then it is what it is.

  • The PS4 is pretty much barren of 1st party titles yet it has RAPED the Wii U which has far superior 1st party titles. Reason being is that Sony understands who their audience is, who their audience needs to be, and effectively markets towards them. Nintendo's marketing has been solely directed to their more hardcore fans that lack the objectivity of the general core or casual gamer. I mean the "Nintendo Direct" in and of itself is a living embodiment of that. They are completely random, they don't give you much notice before hand, and they are confined to just Nintendo website, Youtube page, and other places that only Nintendo FANS would be watching.

    When you have effective marketing anything can become a hit whether the substance is there or not. Look at the George Foreman Grill.

    It's basically just two frying pans on top of each other that let the fat drain out. There were contraptions like that before, and hundreds more afterwards. However the George Foreman Grill has sold over 100 million and increased his net worth to over 200 million.

    Even with the Wii, Nintendo basically just sold you an overclocked GameCube with a motion device. However because of the marketing even the hardest of hardcore gamer either forgot or just didn't care that you were playing games like last-gen graphics. The motion-control itself had substance, but the console overall did not and that is one of the many reasons why the Wii took a nosedive in 2010.

    Like Eddie Murphy said, "If you are starving and someone throws you a cracker you are gonna think that is the most delicious cracker you've ever had in your life." If you have the same cracker everyday for a year one day you'll be like, "Hey. I just got some regular old crackers."

    I don't think games (or lack there of) will be an issue with NX. The console is pretty much an "all hands on deck" event. Nintendo has leveraged all their assets and personnel to work on games ready for launch. Not to mention that if the NX is using x86 architecture 3rd parties can port over any titles in development for PS4, XB1, and PC to the NX and we hear every week about multiplat titles that are NX bound.

    So Nintendo is headed in the right direction.

  • You can market how ever you like but at the end of the day if it's not what people want it doesn't matter. The argument of better first party is opinion and will varry person to person. Now did they have more yea that's a fact. But at the end of the day the games that the majority of gamers wanted are on the ps4 and that along with power and cheaper entry point than Xbox is why it outsold the other 2.

    What this generation of gamers wants is graphics and power. Xbox has some of the best marketing ever but they lack the power and graphics that this generation wants. Perfect example is the NX Nintendo has done absolutely nothing to market this console so far but yet it's the talk of the town solely because it has the potential to have the most power under its hood. Let it not have the most power or the other two come out with more than it doesn't matter how Nintendo markets it will be in the same boat again that it's in with the wii u. The name of the game with this new generation is power and graphics if you not the top dog then they don't care. If the NX can be the top dog in power and graphics, along with games people want and 3rd party support then marketing can help them but with out that no amount of marketing can help them.

  • You're throwing a red-herring in here Jon. You said that having the right games is important and that is more important than good marketing.

    Now you are saying it is about graphics and power. You are kind of contradicting yourself here. The Wii certainly did not have "graphics and power" and yet it won the 7th gen because it had the right games and good marketing. You've even said yourself that you enjoyed playing Call of Duty more on the Wii because of the motion controls. So obviously the marketing of motion-control gimmick that got you to buy a Wii in the first place and the fact that 3rd party support was there worked on the Wii even if most 3rd party games had waggle-controls. Nintendo was still getting COD, Madden, 2K Sports games, etc. They put their games on the Wii because everybody WANTED ONE. Not because of it's specs.

    With the Wii U, because of the LACK of sales, 3rd parties abandoned it. If you aren't going to make any money, you aren't going to waste money developing or porting a game to the Wii U. Especially when you know Nintendo is not going to market your product. They barely even market their own products. There is no realistic hope for a return on your investment there.

    It wasn't because of the specs or even the architecture. When you had Nintendo pick up the tab for development costs for console exclusives like Bayonetta 2, and Devils Third they had no problem putting the games on the Wii U and dealing with the lack of power and PPc architecture. Then you see what Monolith Soft was able to do with Xenoblade Chronicles X, and what Shin'en Multimedia was able to do graphically with Nano Assault NEO, Art of Balance, and Fast Racing NEO the whole "lack of power" debate got ripped to shreds. Lack of know-how of PPc architecture or lack of work ethic from lazy developers, but not lack of power on the Wii U. No, it's not on-par with the XB1 and PS4, but it's powerful ENOUGH to give great looking games.

    The PS4 is the most powerful console this gen, but the difference in power between it and the XBOX One is marginal at best. It certainly doesn't not compare in power to a gaming PC. Even a current mid-range one. The lack of success of the XB1 has more to do with Kinect and DRM than anything else. You take away those two things and the XB1 is much closer in sales to the PS4.

    The point is that this commercial is a step in right directions in marketing that we ALL have stated numerous occasion has been bad. You cannot erase 20+ years of bad corporate decisions overnight. Give them a chance already. Geez. You can't sit around and say "Well, yeah they fixed this problem, but they didn't fix that one over there." Give them a chance to fix it. One step at a time. You may not be patient, but others are. As long as I see someone is trying that's all I can ask.

    Another thing is that YOU said when the rumor came out that the NX might only be as powerful as the XB1 that you would be fine with that just as long as you can take your game anywhere. Well, what if everyone else shared the same opinion? That goes back to the expose' I did a month ago about what the NX could be and how even trolls on N4G were looking at it is a interesting idea. Graphics and power would not be an issue. However based on the facts we know the NX will be using an AMD GPU. That means that at the very worst the NX will have an RX 460 which can outperform the ATI 7870 in the PS4

    ATI Radeon 7870 (1.8 TFlops)
    ATI RX 460 (2.4 TFlops)

    Graphics and power will not be an issue. Nintendo has stated publicly that they will NOT have droughts anymore. So on their end there will be enough games. So that's all I have to say in this regard. We can tab;e this discussion and have it for the next podcast.

  • It's not a red herring it's facts Nintendo exclusives are not the games people want to play anymore. Exclusives as a matter of fact haven't been the driving force in this industry for the last two generations. Having games people want which happen to be third party for the most part and having the graphical power to push them to their limits is. Xbox and PlayStation have the same exact games that people want to play that's why they get picked over Nintendo but Microsoft has the best marketing but they still are not getting picked over Sony this generation because of power. Perfect example of this is last generation Microsoft led for most of that generation because they had the better games and marketing Sony was able to take it back b cause despite its rocky start it had the power. That's how power and games come into play. The only curve ball is the wii but just like I said earlier it comes down to what people want and regardless of what people want to admit they wanted to try the wii. Now later in that generation they didn't bring the games and that favor lessoned. Those games you mentioned fail into comparison to anything released on xbox1 or ps4 so that argument is mute.

    What I said about it not having to be as powerful if it was mobile is something that I am personally looking for. I'm in the minority I'm one of the few who still plays everything every day. But even if it is it still has to have games I want to play. So my argument still stands MARKETING MEANS NOTHING UNLESS ITS WHAT PEOPLE WANT. People have shown they want third party games more than they want Nintendo games. They have shown that they favor graphical power to push those games over everything else. Proof is in how fast they are already ready to jump to the next consoles in favor of that extra power be it marginal or not.

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