OVERWATCH is A Colorful Change for FPS Genre

Overwatch brings Color and Style to the FPS genre! And in my opinion it’s a much needed change!

In a gaming environment where gamers go bananas for ultra realistic graphics I’m very pleased and puzzled by the crazy surrounding OVERWATCH…. 

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Just off that description one could easily dismiss it as just another Shooter but they would be sadly misstaken.

Now let me state something off top I’m not a fan of FPS games …never really have been with the exceptions of Golden Eye N64 and the Metroid Prime Series, other then those 2 shooter’s (oops can’t forget about Turok 1 & 2) it’s pretty much a genre that I tend to skip out on. 

    “Now with that being said!!!”

We all know shooter’s come a dime a dozen ….Since the original Halo crazy shooter’s have been coming in abundance, plus when the C.O.Ds & Battlefields entered the scene and realistic graphics became the dominating art direction … we began to see less color and more bland boring grays and brown canvases with even less appealing backdrops…. this became the norm … even as power increased Color seemed to be a thing of the passed …now I’m pretty sure some of you could rattle off some FPS shooter’s with color but name me one that that was super successful…  

           (comments down below) 

Overwatch is a breath of fresh air to me when it comes to the FPS genre ….as I set and watched my friend and colleague KBOMB20 play this game I couldn’t got over the visuals of the game ….the colorful comic book art style… the bright cartoony nature of the Characters.. the animation was exhilarating, it was alive and had flavor & Style. Now as many of you should know I’m a huge Nintendo Fan… color is where it’s at for me lol … so to see Overwatch and all the colors and liveliness in the Characters made me what to play the game (still haven’t cause its a FPS lol) … I thought to myself… I think I could get in to this ..I’ve tried COD and plenty other FPS games and came away feeling the exact same way “underwhelmed” but Overwatch feels like it could be different… 

So I got a question: How much do you feel the Art Direction is playing a factor in the success of OVERWATCH? 

Consider this: Overwatch sold 7 million copies in 9 days …has already passed 10 million activated players online and counting and these are old numbers. 

OVERWATCH is proving itself to be a mega hit with a colorful, cartoony, comic book like art direction with Style and Character to boot!! I hope this become a copied & mimicked Art Direction for other AAA titles this generation and beyond…. 

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