PAX South 2017: Arms Impression

So I got a chance to get hands-on with Arms for the Nintendo Switch. When I first saw the game at the Nintendo Switch launch event it looked cool but looked like it would be a pretty simple game. It is a simple game to pick up and play but after getting hands on time I feel it’s much deeper than it appears.

Once you play the game you will find out you can add twists to your punches, dodge, jump, block, and grab. You can use these in several different combinations to add more damage and variation to your attacks. In addition to these attacks, each combatant has different attachments that you can mix and match to add to your arsenal. A cool tactic that I figured out while playing is that you can block punches by punching and hitting the opponents punches before they hit you. So adding this and other tactics this game can get pretty deep.  Arms is one of those games you really have to play to appreciate and understand. That said I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of strategies we will see from people at Evo.

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