PAX South 2017: SnipperClips Impressions

So many people scoffed at this game when Nintendo showed it at the launch event, and at the Nintendo Tree House. So many people let their insecurities and self-consciousness drive their viewpoints about this game.  It’s a sad state of affairs but that would be their loss, not mine.  This game is going to be one of those surprise sleepers that creep up on you. If the price is right. This would be the first game I played and I enjoyed it so much I came back and waited to play it again before I left for the day.

Let’s talk about the JoyCons. Watching the launch presentation and Tree House event I noticed when you play with the JoyCons as individual controllers they look awkward to hold. You will notice the right JoyCon the analog stick will be in the middle of the controller and just looks awkward to use. Getting my hands on it didn’t bother me like I thought it would. Because the JoyCons are small my thumb was able to reach without having to do any awkward extending.

So the game consists of several puzzles.  You have to figure out how to solve those puzzles by snipping away at your partner to make different shapes to help you. For some puzzles, there is no one way to solve and lets you be creative in how you solve it. My first play through with a random guy we solved each of the puzzles one way. When I came back with my girlfriend we actually solved each puzzle a different way. With different people, you will find that you each have an idea of how to solve it and you find out different ways you might not have thought of by yourself. By watching other people play I noticed, even more, ways then what I used to solve other puzzles.

SnipperClips is one of those quick pick up and play games. They have it displayed in airplane setting insinuating that on the airplane with someone sitting next to you would be a great time to play this game. Interestingly enough I wish I had this game on the plane ride back home.

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