PAX South 2017: Splatoon 2 Impressions

So at PAX South 2017, I got a chance to check out Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch. I have to be honest I wasn’t the biggest supporter of the first one. I liked the game but just felt a team based shooter needs to have communication in order for me to enjoy. That being my time with other games on other consoles I now understand this new generation of gamers don’t really use in-game voice chat when it’s available to them. It’s one of those “I guess” moments but I still would rather have the option. Information about voice chat for the switch is still floating in the air so that’s something else that we will have to find out at a later date.

So as I was saying above I wasn’t a big fan but I did enjoy the little time I did play the first game. The developers supported the game throughout its life on the Wii U adding tons of content that I still have yet to unlock. So with this impression, you have to keep in mind I don’t know what all was included in the first game. So I am not a good judge on what’s new with the sequel. The first thing I noticed was that the colors are more vibrant and details seemed to improve. I got to play with the pro controller and at first kind of threw me off. Don’t get me wrong the pro controller with the new tech in it is nice. You can do everything you could do with the Wii U gamepad other than the touch menu. I have always said I liked the Wii U gamepad. With the Switch on the way, I was ready to move on. Today while playing a new game on a new system I actually miss the gamepad. Splatoon was made for the gamepad!!


Playing the game with the pro controller is cool and most people will enjoy it. But for me having to actually go through a menu again to spawn on someone, or check the map to see what I need to attack is cumbersome. Thinking about it as I write this I find it hilarious. Don’t get this impression wrong Splatoon 2 is fun and is highly functional with a standard controller. I just feel that special magic was missing and that magic was the Wii U gamepad. Off screen play is something I think people took for granted and for the first time I kinda feel homesick.  

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