Pax West 2016: Dead Rising 4 Demo Impressions

This weekend at Pax West I got a chance to check out Dead Rising 4.  I was not a huge fan of the first 2 games but didn’t dismiss that it had its fans. Truth be told at the time of those games I wasn’t really into the whole zombie game craze that was about to take over gaming. Fast forward a few years and on to the Xbox 1 and Dead Rising 3 and that changed. Dead Rising 3 was so much fun I couldn’t believe I had passed on the other 2 games. The story, crazy characters, customization of weapons,outfits, and vehicles just hit the spot.


So now we have Dead Rising 4 coming this fall and it looks to be more of the same. While some may not like that I feel that it is a good thing. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’m sure there is more to the story than what I got to play as the main Character from the first games Frank West is back.
In the demo you get a distress call saying to meat at the rendezvous before they are cut off by sounds of getting attacked by zombies. So you are thrown in and are surrounded by zombies and you just fight your way to the checkpoint picking up any kind of crazy weapons you can find.
In the demo I got to use a power Axe that when powered up sends an electric shock wave out to fry surrounding enemies. I also picked up a huge blue sword that would freeze zombies and then you just crush them afterwards.  When you get to the first checkpoint you get a chest that has a exo suite in it. You put it on and it gives you extra strength and also allows you to pick up weapons that you otherwise would not be able to. In this case that would be a huge flame thrower and a chain gun. Overall the game was just fun you go out and see how many zombies you can kill in the given demo time limit. The highest score at the end of the day would win a pair of Dead Rising 4 socks lol. If you are a fan of Dead Rising then I feel you won’t be disappointed in this next installment. If you haven’t played a Dead Rising game you can either wait for this release or go pick up the now probably discounted Dead Rising 3.

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