Pax West 2016: Recore Impressions

One of my anticipated games coming out of E3 this year was Recore. I was finally able to see it up close and get hands on with the game. If I had to sum it up Rocore is a mixture between third person shooting, action adventure, and platforming.
Before the demo started they explained that we are being dumped in 4 hours into the game so we would already have some of the weapons that you wouldn’t have at the start. The enemies in the demo where color coded and you would use different weapons to better attack them. You would pick these different weapons based on the color code of the directional pad. You can use your robot companion to attack, solve puzzles, or get you to different places. In the demo you had a dog mode and bug like mode for the companion. I am guessing as you progress through the game more can be unlocked. I do feel like they could have told the story a little bit but the gameplay was pleasing.


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