Pax West 2016: Tekken 7 Impressions


I got a chance to check out Tekken 7 this weekend at Pax West and I have to say the game looks great. The environments flush with activity and engross you in the game. The characters look beefier than usual but I kind of like that style. When I got my hands on the game I had to check out my boy Akuma. I thought at first that this was going to be unbalanced as with Streetfighter you have projectiles and can fight at more of a distance than you can with Tekken characters.  I was pleased to say it did not feel that way at all. In Tekken 7 Akuma doesn’t throw the fireball with the speed he does in Streetfighter so it evens the playing field. The woman I played against was able to come in and counter me whenever I threw one. Tekken 7 was a fun experience and I look forward to its release.

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