PlayStation 4.5 coming soon?

According to apparently Sony is poised to release a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4.  This new version will have increased graphical power with an upgraded GPU that will allow for games to run in 4K resolution, and well as more processing power for PlayStation VR.

This is not necessarily news for those in the know.  Last fall Sony released a statement that they were looking to release a more powerful version of the PS4.  Right around the same time Sony reduced the price of the PS4 $50 dollars.  A move I thought to be strange considering the momentum of the PS4 and not having anything really challenging it.  Why not milk every last dime you can?  It’s not like Sony couldn’t use the money.  However it seems like this is a calculated move by Sony and not a knee-jerk reaction to what anyone else is doing.

It seems that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo understand that the landscape of gaming has changed and is changing.  Just hedging your bets on one piece of powerful hardware to sustain you through an entire generation is not going to get it anymore.  Even though the PS4 is the clear winner in this generation and the most powerful console, it won’t be most powerful for long.  At the very least Microsoft’s planned console upgrades will allow the XB1 to surpass the PS4, and if the Nintendo patent of the SCD (Supplemental Computing Device) is used for NX that could allow the console to be substantially more powerful than the PS4.  Sony obviously wants to stay ahead of the game and keep their dominance over Microsoft and Nintendo.  Releasing a more powerful PS4 could definitely help with that.

It will be interesting to see how they go about it though.  How much will this PS4.5 cost?  Where does this leave current PS4 console owners?  In order to play 4K games and have better VR functionality they have to buy ANOTHER PS4?  If there is something they can do to enhance the PS4 as it is so that you don’t have to buy a whole new console I think that would be fine.  However to ask a consumer to buy another console that will only be marginally more powerful than what they have might be a bitter pill to swallow for some gamers. 

Some people might just pass on that and wait for PS5.  In any event, things are going to be very interesting this year.  It’s possible that in addition to seeing the unveiling of NX, we will also hear and see information regarding PS4.5 and whatever upgrades Microsoft is planning as well.  Hopefully all of the posturing and fainting from these companies will come to a close at E3 and we’ll finally get some answers.  All this secrecy (most notably Nintendo) makes me think that you lack confidence in your product.  You know moles and snitches are running around anyway and know what you are doing.  If neither Microsoft nor Nintendo were working on consoles/upgrades that could surpass the PS4 and Sony didn’t already know about it, why would Sony bother taking such a risk by releasing a more powerful version of their already successful console?  So yeah, the foolishness needs to stop from these companies.  Just tell us what you are doing and get it over with already.

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