Playstation VR….Nope!

Although the Idea of playing games in virtual reality is cool and I probally would enjoy the opportunity to play my games in vr I will have to pass on Playstations next project. 

The reason for this pass is because of my experience with playstations past lack of support for their experements. I call them experiemnts because thats essentially what they where and they abandond them with the quickness. 
This is not a hate or a jab at Sony,this is a customer who refuses to be let down again after past experiences. I have owned the playstation eye, the playstation eye 2, the 3d tv, the move controller, home, and currently their latest project they are running away from the playstation vita/vita tv. All of these devices or services have either been discontinued, or just forgoten about and have recieved little to no support within first couple years. 
Given this track record how can I think anything will be different with the playstation vr? Will enough people go out and buy a extra device that costs over 200 bucks to warrent developers to make games for it? I personally don’t think so and this is why I won’t be taking the gamble on this new device. I just don’t think it will catch on. People complained about having to put light little glasses on but now am I to think lots of people are going to go out and get basically giant goggles? 
So for me I wont be jumping on this hype train at least not from the start. If time shows that they will keep supporting it I may give it a try but as is now with my past expierence I cant support it. 

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