PS4 Slim Unboxing & First Look (Video via ZRZ Youtube)(Taken down)

(UPDATE) It seems the video has been taken down since about 3am this morning. He probably got flagged and decided to take it down to protect his channel. For those that watched you seen it for yourself. For those that missed it the pictures floating around are real and this was an unboxing of the Playstation 4 Slim.(/UPDATE)
So during my late night Youtube scroll I came across this video of the Playstation Slim Unboxing. So these things are really out there in the wind. Video is by ZRZ you can go to his channel and this video by clicking HERE

  • I don't get what Sony is doing here. It has been said that Sony is doing this to save more money in manufacturing costs. They already make a $20 profit on the PS4 and have since launch. Not sure why they need a slim unless they are gradually going to phase out the regular PS4 until only slims will be available.

    If I don't already have a PS4, why would I get this over PS4 Neo? If I already own a PS4, why would I get this over PS4 Neo?

    I know traditionally Sony has always released a slim version of the PlayStation, but this seems like a mistake. I don't know if it's a knee-jerk response to the XBOX One S, or if Sony is just getting greedy.

  • Prob getting greedy and full of themselves again. They raised the price of ps plus up as well.

  • I heard about that. Now there are also rumors of a PS Vita 2? If that is true this company needs to go bankrupt. That would just be unabashed arrogance.

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