PS4K or PS5?

Going back to last fall we have heard rumblings about Sony releasing a “more powerful” PlayStation 4.  In the past few weeks scuttlebutt has increased as we are hearing more information about was has been dubbed PS4K.  Some more detailed information has emerged from NeoGAF.

As you know NeoGAF is a site where your credentials and sources have to be verified before posts are allowed.  That doesn’t mean everything posted there is gospel truth, but more likely than not the rumors have substance to them.  Here is a link to the article.

According to this article this PS4K will have a GPU (which we do not know what build or series it is at this point) twice as powerful as the PS4 GPU (which is a ATI 7000 series CPU.) It will come with a 4K Blu-Ray player, and most likely an improved CPU.  Apparently the decision of whether or not to improve the CPU hinges on the price point.  With a more powerful processor the PS4K would be $499.99, without $399.99 which was the original price of the PS4. 

The system will be able to play games at 4K resolution.  I think it is fair to mention that developers can’t even get games to run at a solid 1080p 60fps on current-gen consoles more than capable to doing so.  We’ve been promised this since the 7th gen.  The XBOX 360 and PS3 were supposed to give us NATIVE 1080p 60fps.  Studios held up Sony and Microsoft at gun-point to go x86 this generation so that it can be “easier” and “less expensive” to develop games.  Well, we are still waiting for 1080p 60fps to be nominal for console gaming.  So I put blame more on developers being lazy or publishers being greedy not allowing developers to put the time in necessary to reach those benchmarks than the hardware being inept.

While this console will be able to play 4K Blu-Ray movies and stream 4K content, I’m not so sure that any console (NX included) will be able to play “native” 4K games.  As mentioned by JetiKnightNY on his latest video……

……it is most likely games will be upscaled to 4K resolution while running at a native and smooth 1080p 60fps.  At least that’s what I hope the PS4K can do at the very least.  Right now it takes monster PC rigs to run games at 4K resolution.  It’s highly unlikely that anyone will be able to make an AFFORDABLE stand alone console that can compete with top of the line PCs. 

Apparently games are already in development for PS4K that will be scalable back down to the PS4, which I said in the previous podcast was the most logical course of action.  Don’t have games out there that aren’t available to everybody.  Just allow for those people who are willing to spend the extra money for more powerful hardware to be able to take advantage of it. 

It is still very early and still a lot of speculation at this point. I guess I have to wonder out loud Sony’s reasoning behind this and their sense of urgency.  Is it because they over-estimated the PS4’s capabilities and realized that PSVR would probably fail without a significant upgrade to the PS4?  Is it because they feel that they have won this generation and it’s time to move on?  Or, do they see Nintendo NX as a potential threat and need to head them off at the pass?  Only time will tell.  This is a huge gamble financially for them and it could backfire if they aren’t careful.  Now in addition to investing in PSVR, you are investing in PS4K as well and as we all know Sony isn’t exactly swimming in money these days.  They are doing much better than a few years ago, but still not out of the hole.  I say they should wait until 2017, beef it up a little more, and release the PS5.  Even if NX is a runaway success, it isn’t going to STOP the PS4 from being successful.  What’s the rush?  That leaves me with one question which will be the topic of my next blog.  Is the 8th generation over?

  • Man good post… I think the WiiU caused bought Sony and Microsoft to ruch their 8gen systems… settling for a marginal ungrade in power but not the true leap we were expecting

  • Dude, you definitely bring the heat when it comes to writing articles, and thanks for the mention. Great read!

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