Red Pill Blue Pill: Do You Seek Truth?

Red Pill or Blue Pill: Do You Seek Truth or Are You content with the Illusion?

Like Cypher in the movie “Matrix” I believe many gamers of today would rather accept lies then deal with reality..
What Reality? …The reality that these companies don’t have your best interest at the forefront of their minds. The reality that you’re nothing more then an opportunity to gain currency. Currency is the game and you “The Gamer” is the sorce that supplies… rather its paper money or coins all these companies see you as is $$$$$$ ..but they know we’re not just going to hand them our money… yet slowly over the years they have managed to condition us to do just that… Give them our hard earned money.

  Take a company like Bethesda for example .. 

Year after Year they release glithy and heavily bugged out games to the market day one. .with many of these bugs having the potential to totally break your game yet when we tune into the IGN’s, Gamespots or the VGA’s (Video Game Awards) etc ..Bethesda Dev’s are nominated for Developer of the Year and the highest award of them all “Game Of The Year” many times winning noot 1 but both of these awards.

How can you win developer of the year and the game you developed needs day one patches and video tutorials on how to aviod these game breaking bugs riddled throughout your game? What causes me to scratch my proverbial head even the more is.. how do we ” The Gamer” fully aware of these issues help a company like Bethesda make Billions with little push back… little outrage? Many already anticipating the next buggy offering ..

Have “Gamers” been indoctrinated to accept these condictions uncritically? Have “Gamers” been systematically brainwashed or Programed to purchace against their on interest? It would seem so… Why would I think differctly when the visuals of a game are more important to Gamers then the experinece to be had playing the game itself… When 1080p is more important then gameplay… When a game running at 30fps is considered unplayable until your console of choice proves unable to live up to the boastful claims made by its creater…

Many of us are no differect then the human batteries depicted in the “Matrix” …we’re in a “Pixelated Sedation” totally buying this fabricated reality created for us.. to busy fighting invisible wars to recognize how conquered and defeated we are. We don’t see the propaganda misleading us to buy in… using us to promote and publicize their Brands through our misguided brand loyalty… Sony and Nintendo fans I’m looking at you.

Sony and the PS4 … the console dominating 8gen right now is the home of 7gen remasters & remakes. Do you realize “The Last Of Us” is their #1 first party release for both the PS3 and PS4, but unlike The Legend of Zelda Twligtht Princess it wasn’t released on both platfroms at the same time. The PS4 has already reached 30million sold.. yet out of the Big 3 they have the worse 1st party line up …its pretty much none existent. Its so bad that the Powers that Be at Sony felt the need to apologize for the lackluster offerings yet none of these facts has stop it from selling…. The fact that online multi-player for PS3 is free but for PS4 it comes at a cost while using the same severs is just asinine …but hey they give you free games…

Microsoft and Sony both force you to install your phyical disc directly to the HardDrive yet mandate you to have the disc loaded in the system to play the content that you just installed… now if someone could explain to me how this benfits the Gamer I’m all ears. What’s clearly going on here is these companies want to extend their control beyond the purchase… They get paid while maintaining control over how you utilize what you just paid for. This will become very apparent when you experience network issues for the first time… you’ll quickly realize how powerless you are.. a fact Lizard Squad proved to many of us on Christmas morning 2014 when all the new owners of Xbonones and PS4’s were unable to play their systems nor games because you were not able to log in.. 

Let’s look at Nintendo …Amiibo’s Amiibo’s and more Amiibo’s ..when all else fails make another Amiibo. Now don’t get me wrong I commend Nintendo’s ability to strike oil when everything around them seems to be barren.. but let’s not get it twisted here.. Amiibo’s are nothing more then Nintendo’s twist on DLC and Microtransactions… Now we have Amiibo cards… its all a very clever concept that plays on the fandom of their fanbase, but this same fanbase has always been critical of similar practices on other platforms… DLC and Microtransactions were taboo to Nintendo fans and seemingly taboo to Nintendo themselves… look at this quote
 made by Satoru Iwata back in late 2012; he stated that the prospect of paying money for items to influence and change the core gameplay is “unwholesome”. Now I wouldn’t say Amiibo’s change the core gameplay, but you are paying money to access items made available by the Amiibo’s .. items like outfits, power ups and other bonuses that are not available to you without the Amiibo… So what caused Nintendo fans to accept what they always opposed? It’s simple “Brand Loyalty” which Nintendo exploits no different than any other company…

My colleague Jon Shaw said it best when he said we are addicts.. we all are (All Gamers no matter the platform) Yep … we have the can’t help its.. No different then the Crack or Heroin addict who need their fits or high.. They have us eating out of Their hands banging for more…. Yes they’ll bless us with great games like Splatoon but won’t give us Voice Chat.. They’ll wow us with stellar visual showpieces like The Order 1800 but only give us 5hrs of content.. it’s amazing how well oiled this machine is.. keeping  us dreaming in a pixelated coma…. The Blue Pills working like a charm with Gaming Media acting as agents ensuring the harmony of the system.. Journalist who have sacrifice their journalistic integrity for free games and perk now help foster the illusion

But there is light at the end of this depressing tunnel… there’s a Zion filled with minds that have broken free from the system ..  who’s eyes can see the Machine for what it is. Gamer’s who choose to speak up and out about what’s going on around us. Unregistered Journalist spreading truth via Youtube & Twitch. Grassroot Websites that walk with integrity.. who would rather purchase the games they review so that they can give us  honest & earnest reviews… I employ all of you to keep chipping away at this “Matrix”.. Keep informing the masses sharing balanced content Leading & Breeding a heathy community for Gamers!!

  • Anonymous

    In all honesty, the only wrong I see with this is about the amiibos since if they put critical and high advantage loot into it then you'd be right. As of now the most is they are board pieces for Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. I at least believe you on the other two since they clearly are doing more underhanded stuff.

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