Seeing is not always believing

Everyone is going nutso over the alleged leaked footage of the NX controller.  It started last week with a picture of a controller which matched the concept of one of the patent filings by Nintendo in the past year.  This week we got more leaked photographs of a controller.  These with a much clearer resolution.  Just recently we even saw footage of Zelda U running on the controller.  This could all be true, or it could be complete baloney.  Before you make a decision pro or con…..


This is the photo we saw last week of the supposed NX controller.

Now to the untrained eye this would look pretty authentic.  Most people were skeptical, and rightfully so.  The image was proven to be a fake mock up.  There are several things wrong with this picture.  First off, the controller lacks hand grips which were clearly seen in the Nintendo patent.

Some people might say, “So what?  Maybe Nintendo decided not to go with grips this time?  They have the right to change their mind of their designs don’t they?”  Fair enough.  Let’s continue.  The second thing that is wrong is that the image on the screen is that of a Unreal Engine 4 tech demo.  

Again, someone could say, “Well, isn’t Unreal Engine 4 confirmed to run on NX anyway?  Maybe the developer is just running a test to make sure.”  Okay.  I’ll toss you that bone.  The third thing wrong with this picture is in the upper right hand corner of the controller in the dark spot.  If you look closely, there is a picture of E.T. in there.

Now I don’t know what E.T. has to do with Unreal Engine 4, but suffice it to say that I don’t think his mug belongs in that picture. 

So after all that most people agree that this particular picture is a hoax.  Mm-k.  This week we get more leaked photos of a supposed NX controller.  This time in much higher resolution and a wider canvas to show other things in the room.  

I’ll admit.  It looks pretty convincing doesn’t it.  Nice shiny screen and it even has a headphone jack plugged into it.  I’ll take it one step further.  This video has surfaced online.

So some people would look at this preponderance of evidence and say it’s confirmed that this is THE NX controller/portable.  Even though this footage is from the December 2014 VG Awards footage people still say this is confirmation.  Could it be true?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  No one from Nintendo has told me or shown me anything about NX.  I would imagine all who are reading this blog can vouch for the same.

I’m a person that doesn’t just believe something is true just because someone tells me so.  For starters, we know that Nintendo is VERY anal about information being leaked out on their projects.  They are incredibly strict and incredibly tight-lipped.  It seems very unlikely that Nintendo would be so sloppy to allow a developer to show off the NX controller in such clear detail outside of them even showing off the console themselves.  It also seems highly improbable that a developer would blatantly break a NDA to show us the controller.  These things can be traced you know.

Another aspect to look at is this.  Anyone with decent 3D modeling skills and a 3D printer can make a mock up of any controller they want.  Some people use 3D printers to make their own arcade sticks.  All you need is 3D modeling software such as 3DS Max or Maya and a Makerbot 3D printer.  They aren’t exactly “cheap” but really aren’t that expensive either.  Wanna know how simple it is to do this.  Let me show you.  I did this in less than an hour.

Now I could refine this and really make intricate details but you get the gist of it.   As for the shiny surface, I could easily go to a hobby store or a hardware store and picture up some shiny plastic material for pennies.  I don’t have a 3D printer but if I did I could easily reproduce everything shown in the supposed leaked pictures.  I could use either 3DS Max or Adobe After Effects to put game footage of any game I wish on the screen. 

My point is this.  Don’t always believe everything you see or hear.  Always ask questions.  Always use common sense.  Always trust your gut instincts.  I’m not trying to poo-poo things for people that are 100% convinced this is true because it still could be.  I’ll be honest too.  After watching that little clip of Zelda U running on the controller and how the HUD was set up, I’m a little intrigued.  If this IS what Nintendo is going with, I am willing to listen so see where they are going with this.  This blog was just to show in a tangible manner that this could be fake and how someone could pull it off.   Let’s allow Nintendo to show us what they are doing and keep the speculation to a minimum.  I think they do need to get the lead out and show us something soon because NX speculation is quickly spiraling out of control. 

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