As a Nintendo fan I can honestly say I’ve never been as disappointed with Nintendo as I have been for the last 2-3 yrs. I have never felt so underwhelmed as a 30plus year long fan of this company… 

I’ve never had to question rather I was going to get Nintendo’s next piece of Hardware, but this is one time where I feel that Nintendo has to Show Me… being from the State of Missouri that is our motto “Show Me” … Nintendo has to prove the worth of the NX .. no longer can they rest on their laurels expecting the fans to buy in strictly off of fandom and familiarity. Nintendo is an amazing company when push to be… and that truth has me very optimistic about the NX, yet my position is “Show Me” 

Show Me you understand the nuances of the modern day Gamer… Show Me that you understand the importance of staple features that have been the standard in gaming since 2006.. Show Me that you take 3rd Party seriously presenting hardware that they will be happy with… Just Show Me!! 

I don’t believe I’m asking to much and I also believe the majority of Nintendo fans share my sentiments… we what to see you compete… we don’t want to see you get to comfortable because we are very familiar with what a comfortable Nintendo creates.. the WiiU is a creation of a Nintendo in comfort… not taking the market as serious as they should have.

Nintendo was in the best position they had ever been in due to the Wii …they were #1 again!! The Wii single handedly handed Sony and Microsoft their proverbial butts… In under a yrs Nintendo went from  being the cute purple box with handle, the “I LOVE YOU BARNEY” kiddie system to the hottest thing in gaming.. Nintendo with the Wii was literally printing Money… they were on top of the gaming industry… yes the Gaming Media tried to ignore this truth but the numbers & dollars signs “$” were undeniable.. 7th gen belonged to the Nintendo Wii and IMO this was the best and worst thing that could have happened to Nintendo … 

When you look at the Wii you must understand the situation behind its creation.. the Gaming Industry had changed thanks to Sony and now Microsoft presence. These were Fortune 500 companies …Gone were the days of Sega being Nintendo’s biggest competition … now because of Sony “Playing Video Games” had become a mainstream entertainment, just go look at the sale of both the PS1 & PS2 …yes Nintendo might have saved gaming but it was Sony who made it mainstream… now Microsoft seeing the success of Sony desided to take their swing at this Gaming Industry… 

Seeing this and coming off the “technically” failed GameCube (which only failed because of  Nintendo’s insationable need to be different “mini-disc”) Nintendo understood they couldn’t compete with these two  companies head up… so they cleverly crafted what they called the Blue Ocean Strategy..  opting to pave their own path pushing innovations over raw power.. the truth was Nintendo couldn’t  afford the jump to HD and match wits with the big boys… the N64 & GameCube were basically failed platforms that didn’t generated the funds to even think about trying to make another powerful system and match Sony & Microsoft.. 

So basically Nintendo took the GameCube added a new way of controlling and manipulating video games,  code named it the Revolution (later named it the Wii) and this Revolution was revolutionary for Nintendo … the Wii was nothing more then a repackaged gamecube with a game changing controller the Wii Remote… and over night Nintendo took over gaming.. the blue ocean strategy paid off and this is where Nintendo lost vision and focus IMO … IMO the Wii was a cheap piece of hardware with a gimmick ment to distract the masses while Nintendo waited out the high cost of going HD … but not only did the Wii do good it was a mega hit one that Nintendo themselves didn’t for see and when the money started rolling in Nintendo got greedy. 

Now I know that might seem harsh but it’s not…. the Wii gave Nintendo the money and the attention that Nintendo longed for since the SNES days. Nintendo was in prime position to take back the gaming market. The cost of jumping into HD gaming had substantially dropped and HD tvs were common place in most homes… basically Sony & Microsoft pretty much done all the work and Nintendo only need to capitalize on it, coming off the success of the Wii Nintendo had the money & popularity to take full advantage of HD gaming 5 yrs into the Wii craze by releasing a system that could easily out shine both Xbox 360 and PS3, but no Nintendo desided to milk the Wii even longer forcing the far weaker platform to try to maintain its appeal by add the Wii MotionPlus ..a device that realize the true 1 to 1 motion Nintendo claimed was possible with the Wii remote from the beginning… Wii Motion plus was introduced 3yrs into the lifespan if the Wii… also at the same time HD gaming is really starting  to separate it’d self from the SD era and the Wii is starting to totally looking out of place … now remember the Wii has generated billions for Nintendo so at this point money isn’t (even to this day) a problem for Nintendo due to the Wii…. now this is where it gets real

Remember I said “We don’t want a comfortable Nintendo”…. The Wii made Nintendo comfortable and greedy …Nintendo thought they had curved out a path that would yield results while being cheap. Do to the longer then normal 7th Generation IMO Nintendo gambled on Sony & Microsoft sticking with the PS3 & Xbox 360 and in doing so didn’t spec out the WiiU intelligently

Now this is hindsight talking but I believe the WiiU was suppose to come out no later then 2011 and maybe as early as 2010, but Nintendo was so comfortable, so naive, and so greedy they didn’t notice their own corner stone fans turning away and going else where and the market they had tap into was already over the experinece…  in other words the Wii had long over stayed it’s welcome… it wasn’t built to endure 6 to 7 yrs, it was at best a 4yr system… Nintendo had once again messed up a blessing,  which brings me to the WiiU.

Lets be honest folks the WiiU was late to the party,  it was not future proof.. it was a system solely banking on the success of the Wii to get it over… Nintendo knew this system wasn’t powerful enough, so that’s why I believe most of their attention was focused on the GamePad… they figured they could strike oil twice … opting to put more resources into to the GamePad over making a system that could compete plus the fact that Nintendo themselves never took advantage of the GamePad only suggests that it was a last minute addition to the WiiU… it seems to me that the Wii Remote plus was ment to be along side the WiiU but do to waning interest in the Wii and the Wii remote Nintendo desided to change course and made the GamePad the main controller which explains why Nintendo Land felt rushed and not many of Nintendo’s 1st party really utilized the features of the GamePad outside of off-screen play..  I believe the GamePad initially had 3rd-party excited until Sony & Microsoft gave them the power they wanted 1 yr later… thus making the Wii U GamePad seem pointless and like an wasted investment  ….just a theory!!!

So what am I getting at… I’ll say it again “IT’S TIME FOR NINTENDO TO SHOW ME” They’ve played games long enough and We’ve skipped to the beat of their awkwardness for far to long. The Innocent child like nature of this company is starting to wear thin… its time for Nintendo to put their money were their mouth is and create something that’s unique and competitive. .something that can meet all the basic requirements of modern Gamers and feed the needs of old school loyalist ( nostalgia) . Nintendo has to accept that the Gaming Industry has changed and it wasn’t their influence that caused this change this time around…. no longer can they sit outside with their own ball creating their own rules time for them to join the game and dominate it!!!! And I believe they have what it takes to “SHOW ME”

  • I don't have any faith or trust in Nintendo. That's all gone. They are going to have to earn that back. I'm not listening to any excuses either.

    "Well, even though it's not as powerful as NEO it's still more powerful than PS4 and XB1"

    "Well, the NX has the most games at launch of any console."

    "Well, this new gimmick will revolutionize the gaming industry!"


    I've given Nintendo too much for them to act as though those of us who built them into what they are today don't matter. 30+ years of fandom. Longer than most of the blind fanboys out there have even been alive. I've paid my dues and earned my stripes.

    Unless the NX is THE most powerful console period with no tricks or gimmicks, AND has the games we have been asking for like 1080 Snowboarding, Wave Race, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Eternal Darkness, a REAL Metroid, a REAL Starfox, a new REAL fighting game, a racing sim, a REAL third-person shooter, a first-person shooter, a survival-horror, sports games, Western-style RPGs, a Star Wars game, and action adventure games what Nintendo can do is "show me" the darned door, and I'll gladly walk out of it.

  • I can't get mad at you lol

  • Good Post level head. I especially like the part of maybe nintendo originally planned for the Wii motion plus to be part of the WiiU and not the Gamepad. Very good theory.

  • Perhaps. Wii U R&D started in 2008 so it's possible.

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