SMACH Z The Hand held Steam Machine Making A Come Back

The once canceled portable gaming PC the SMACH Z is making a comeback. The device was once again demoed at the recent Gamescom event in Germany. The device looks like a steam controller with a screen.

The device will come in two models the SMACH Z and the SMACH z Pro. Both will come with AMD R -series SoC CPU+GPU with Radeon 3rd Generation Graphics Core Next (GCN), With 2gb of dedicated GPU Ram.  The base model will have 64GB HD with 4GB Ram, while the Pro will have 128GB HD and 8GB Ram. The base model converted to US Dollars will come to about $340.00 and the Pro model coming in at about $565.00 For more specs see the image below.

In addition to the impressive specs you will be able to customize your SMACH to your liking in several different ways. One of those ways is different colors. The SMACH will let you choose between 5 different colors cases.

In addition to changing colors you can swap out for a d -pad, extra analog stick, or extra buttons. You do this with the use of the Magic Z-Pads that lets you add onto the touch pads.

The SMACH Z boasts to be compatible with more than 1,000 games at launch. The Kickstarter will start  in September. For more info visit the site HERE and watch video below.

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