“Sony Fans Don’t Support Sony” VR Discussion

  • Man, stop it.

    Not every PlayStation fan buys everything Sony. Your argument is weak at best and asinine regardless.

  • See you take the video in the wrong way. You look at it as if I'm saying they have to. I'm talking about the useless hype that happens before they release the product then when it comes time to buy the numbers don't represent the hype.

    The move was supposed to be the wii killer, so revolutionary etc but came time to buy nope nobody showed up they stopped making games for it. Same with Vita, Same with 3D. Same with home, same with just about every accessory or new tech sony comes out with thats not the console or games themselves.

    Thats the 1st part of the argument the next is the excuses as to why they didn't want it after said products launched. They don't want to waggle their arms, they don't want to put glasses on while gaming. Remember the hype around 3D yea its the same way now. But came time to support it nope don't want it. But now everyone is ready to put a half helmet and goggles on and pay $400 when they wouldn't even pay less for everything else.

  • Numbers almost NEVER represent the hype.

    The Move wasn't meant to kill the Wii. Who ever said that? It was meant to be a motion control alternative, and it was. It was FAR superior tech, and unlike the Wii, it's actually still relevant today. The Vita is successful, if not as well as Sony would have hoped, and still sees strong sales AND support in the strongest of all handheld markets. 3D hasn't just faded away, and you act as if Sony was and is the only supporter of 3D. What do you mean "same with Home?" You just stuck that in there.

    And what about all the other tech Sony has pioneered or supported since they started making hardware? How long did they keep up the Walkman? Their Vaio laptops? The Bravia line of TVs? The Xperia phones?

    You're intentionally looking at products that haven't had market longevity- often when they weren't really supposed to, or weren't even entirely Sony's responsibility- and saying it's the fault of Sony fans for not buying every one of them. Well, if you haven't been paying attention- and that seems to be the case, somehow- Sony's the type of company that doesn't create "one size fits all" products on a regular basis, but rather develops products that cater to specific groups.

    Sony "fans" aren't some homogenous group that all say the same thing and buy every product. Lots of them are interested in things, but due to circumstances they never follow through. I have to rebuild my whole gaming and electronic library due to theft, so it may be some time before I get a PSVR, if ever. That doesn't mean it doesn't intrigue me.

    Furthermore, none of the other things you mention stood to take gaming to the next level. Fun alternatives or limited enhancements, but not the potential game-changer- and not the dream of gamers, geeks, and tech-heads everywhere- that VR is.

    All this aside, you don't have any sort of evidence to support your claim in any way, shape, or fashion. You've got nothing showing even one specific fan said what you claimed and then reneged on that. You don't even have any proof that the number of people that expressed excitement for these "failed" products exceeds the number of said products sold.

    Your entire argument is absolutely baseless.

  • The proof is in what Sony does with these products! The move how many move games where made? 12 how may AAA? 5. After that none. Why? because it did not sell enough for them to keep making games to use it.

    "In March 2012 Fergal Gara of Sony UK spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine UK to acknowledge that, despite its high critical acclaim, the device had not lived up to their expectations, in either their target audience or the software support that had been provided for it"
    That is out of the horses mouth!!!

    Playstation Vita
    "Yoshida stated that Sony would be releasing fewer first party games for the platform" hmm why would you do that if it was selling well? ohh cause its not.
    Innovation Director Don Mesa stated that the "economics simply don’t work with the traditional process" again why would this be said for a device that is selling well? You wouldnt.
    I can go on and on and on but it woudnt matter cause you don't see trends, Each one of these products where advertised as the next thing in gaming and slowly departed. ESP 3D and sony wasnt the only one promoting that just like they are not the only ones promoting VR.

    Everyone is getting in their feelings like I talked about their mother. If you supported the system and its products then I am not talking about you. But its clear in every forum of almost every game site people hyping up products but not supporting them. The proof that you are looking for is in each of the products that sony themselves don't support anymore that have to do with their company and brand Playstation. Walkmen and everything else has nothing to do with that but that was a bad example anyway cause ipods killed that. The Vio line gone etc. Why because not enough people support it. VR will only last as long as the support does. If people don't support it the developers will stop as well. Which is proof in almost everything playstation other than the actual system. But if you cant see the point of the video then there is no use in continuing on as we will just have to agree to disagree and Ill see you in October of 2017 and we will see who was right. Thats the longest I give it before they stop making games for it.

  • The Wii Remote is more relevant then the Move… let be honest here lol

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