Sony to enter the Matrix in 2017?

We’ve heard for several months now about the possible upgrade of the PlayStation 4 console nicknamed PS4K and PS4.5.  A lot has been said about the purpose of the console and potential specs.  We’ve heard a basic overview of what the PS4K is supposed to be able to do in terms of allowing 4K video streaming, up-scaling games into 4K resolution, and adding horsepower to make PSVR more functional, but now we have the first rumors of the actual specs to make that happen.

These specs come from the Gadgets360 website.

Apparently according to this rumor Sony is keeping up with the ‘Matrix’ terminology for code-names of hardware.  The PS4K is codenamed ‘Neo.’ 

CPU – Neo still uses the two Quad-Core Jaguar CPUs but instead of them being clocked at 1.6GHz they are now clocked at 2.1GHz.

GPU – This rumor claims that the GPU will be capable of 36CUs (Compute Units) clocked at 911MHz versus the 18 CUs and 800MHz of the regular PS4 GPU.  I would venture to guess that this GPU is highly customized in order to keep costs down.  A GPU of such power would be an equivalent to newly announced AMD Polaris GPU.  It doesn’t come out and say that’s what it is, but realistically it can’t be anything other than that.  Here is a link to the Polaris GPU specs.


RAM – Still GDDR5 RAM but clocked at 218GB/s instead of the 176GB/s with the regular PS4 GPU.

Now, there seems to be some shenanigans going on here.  It was reported a few days ago that Nintendo NX would be using a 14nm Polaris GPU.  However Emily Rogers claims that her sources say that NX will not be using that GPU.  Now all of a sudden a rumor breaks out that the PS4K is using the Polaris GPU.  So who’s telling the truth here?

My opinion on this is that neither one of these consoles is using that GPU and the rumors of it’s inclusion are just wishful thinking of people who want that particular company to “win.”  It won’t be long before the XBOX 1.5 or whatever it’s gonna be called will be rumored to be using THE most powerful GPU at the time.  This is ridiculous.  This is just like in the months before the Wii U was revealed and people were speculating that it would be using a Quad-Core Power7 CPU clocked at 2.4GHz per core on-par with the IBM ‘Watson’ computer, and ATI Radeon 4570 GPU, and 4GB of RAM.  The Wii U had NONE of that. 

This Polaris GPU hasn’t even hit the market yet.  That would be way too expensive and totally unnecessary to achieve the desired results.  So take all rumors with a grain of salt regardless of what they are and who they come from.  I still believe that at best you will see an R9 300 series GPU in the NX.  The R9 370x runs the Vulkan API as well as Mantle and DirectX12.  It is capable of 4K streaming and upscaling.  The only way I see a Polaris GPU making it into ANY console is if it launches in the Holiday season of 2017.  That’s just my opinion.

PS4K seems more likely to launch in 2017 and to be quite honest it is becoming increasingly likely NX will also launch in 2017.

  • Great read!

  • Thanks. I know you said you aren't going to comment on rumors anymore, but I would really like to here your take on the Polaris GPU fiasco.

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