Stop Crying over Delayed Games “Microwave Mentally”

So Recore has been hit with the infamous “Delayed” bug… Just one of many games of this 8th Generation to be taking out by this virus lol…

Let’s list some of the more prominent games that were benched until farther notice …Scalebound from Platinum Games was delayed to 2017….

Scalebound was scheduled to release sometime in 2016 but Platinum Games decided to delay it to realize their vision for the game… saying that it is “a truly special project that’s been several years in the making” … in other words we don’t want to release it when its not at its best.. guess what I have no problem with that!!
Now when Zelda WiiU got delayed I did feel some type of way lol… I was not in the mood to hear out anyone who would say or sound like I’m sounding right now… but I fully support Nintendo and their decision in delaying the game ..why you ask? Because I know that I can trust Nintendo to deliver the best Zelda game they can… but it doesn’t stop there for Nintendo 
Star Fox Zero was announced at the top of 2015 to be released at the end of 2015 but that did not happen…. Platinum Games and Nintendo going for quality over quantity chose not to rush it out without that Platinum touch… Good move Platinum keep rubbing and massaging that Fox!!
Oh ya let’s not forget about Uncharted 4…. which has seen at least 2 to 3 delays.. yes it’s coming this April hopefully, but I’d rather Naughty Dog delay a game then to release buggy glitchy Uncharted Garbage…. take your time Naughty Dog ..take your time!! But See that the problem we have been conditioned to expect a full course meal in a microwaveable time… when the truth is quality meals (Games) take time.
Look no farther then the Assassin Creed franchise… the microwave mentally of Ubisoft has all but killed the appeal & initial quality of the franchise… opting for quick annual “Graphical” garbage ..Ubisoft has lost its way with Asassin Greed ..oops I mean Creed!! 
Delays in most cases are good for you the gamer if you stop being pretty much impatient ..entitled brats. With the capacity & capabilities of these 8th Gen systems I rather the development team perfect the game to their best ability then to release unfinished games just to meet a release date. Unfinished games that need patches and day one update to address just some of the plethora of problems.. and there are many things a Gamer can do to entertain them gaming wise as they wait on their most anticipated yet delayed game.
1. Complete your backlog of unfinished games! Some of you like me have plenty of games you haven’t finished that this time could be used to complete those titles..
2. Go buy older games you missed… There are gems out there that you haven’t played that will give you a great gaming experience that will be a new experience for you!! I recently bought both DMC & Sleeping Dog definitive edition $13 dollars a piece …so $26 dollars!! Very good games I might add.
3. Buy a new system if you can afford it. Look at the WiiU a great system with a litany of great games to play and even more coming is sitting at 11 million sold… so that means a lot of you did not buy a WiiU .. now might be the time to do that! If not a WiiU then get one of the other Systems you don’t have!!
What I’m saying is …just because a game is delayed doesn’t mean the sky is falling Chicken Little… put you big boy/girl jeans on and stop crying!!

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