Strikepack F.P.S. Dominator Wired Next Generation Mod Pack By CollectiveMinds

Today we will be taking a look at the Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Wired Next Generation Mod Pack by CollectiveMinds. This is a attachment for your console controllers that adds extra features, as well as physical paddles that can be mapped to any existing button besides the analog buttons. This is a device for those that are looking for that extra edge and functionality out of their controllers. You can purchase the strike pack at Walmart, Amazon, and Gamestop for $39.99.


The Strike pack attaches to the controller via the charge port on PS4, and battery pack on Xbox 1. This process is simple and noninvasive, it doesn’t make the controller uncomfortable or awkward. Not just a simple add on that uses laggy connections or delayed responses this actually becomes part of the controller and makes your controller wired. Meaning no lag, or input delay. The ease of use is easily one pro that I am pleasantly pleased with. After initial setup (more on this later) mapping the buttons is fast and simple with just a push of couple buttons you can map any button other than analog sticks, and triggers to the paddles.  The paddles are placed nicely and are easy to access without any issues.





Even though setting up is simple there is a catch to it. You have to re register the controller every time the system is turned off or put into standby mode. The process is simple just unplug controller and turn system on with it unplugged. After you log in and get to dashboard plug controller in and wait for notifications then hit PS button and re register controller. The next thing that also makes the first part a nuisance is the micro USB plug has a type of proprietary plug that fits into the strike pack that is tough to get in and out. While these are not big deal it does take away from the overall experience with the device.  My next negative can be considered a positive depending on your outlook and use of this feature. I do not like the extra mods that the controller allows you to add. Things like no recoil, rapid fire, hair trigger, auto hold breath, auto aim, and more of the like. If you are a fps gamer than you know how annoying it is when you come across players that use these types of mods in online games. But for some people they might like to use these features for fun in offline or single player games. So like I said it can be a negative or positive depending on how you look at it.


Overall the Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Wired Next Generation Mod Pack by CollectiveMinds is a great device for those looking for extra customization in their controllers. This is also a simple affordable alternative to custom controller mods by other companies that can cost you hundreds of dollars. If you have a Xbox1 this is also a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Elite controller. The quick mapping feature could also make this a better value than the Xbox Elite controller as well. For $39.99 you can have all the features of a scuff or elite controller and don’t have to break the bank. The Strike Pack is a win in my eyes.

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