Tatsumi Kimishima has big shoes to fill

Nintendo new president Tatsumi Kimishima has big shoes to fill. Former president Satoru Iwata triple profit and made Nintendo fun.

Kimishima previous rolls was chief financial advisor of Pokemon Company and director of Nintendo of America. He also dealt in human resources to.

I hope that Kimishima can come in and focus on making the next system great. With 3rd party support and great games. If he can focus on that everything will be fine. Kimishima is on a year to year term. So as Nintendo fans lets show our support.

  • Yes you are right… Tatsumi Kimishima has a lot to prove as the successor to Iwata. Let's hope he raises yo the occasion.

  • I think it all depends on how much power and ability to change things he has. Given that he is on a year to year contract I feel that if they just decide to cut him off at the first sign of trouble things wont be that different than the are. Nintendo in terms of relationships with third parties is in a rut right now and that is not something that can be fixed over night. Its going to take time and I think if they give him that time then he might be the change the company needs.

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