Is your age effecting your desire to GAME? This is a question I’ve been pondering on for the last few months. I’m really curious to know if my getting older is killing the gamer in me…

Do you remember when you first started gaming as a kid? I do… Nothing gave me more pleasure and pleasant memories then my NES! But honestly it didn’t matter wht system it was.. if it could play a game I was willing and eager to try it out.

This was no different as a teenage gamer. Nintendo, Sega, and even PC (even though the PC was a lot different from what I was use to) I was on it. Man I even loved Fraction Munchers and Oregon Trail at school lol… when I say it didnt matter believe me it did not matter.

 I remember dumping quarter after quarter at the local arcade. Games like Street Fighter Turbo, Virtual Fighters, Turtles In Time, World Hero’s and Samurai Showdown (Neo Geo) the list goes on. The only thing that usurped gaming in my life was my faith in God (Christianity) and my music.

As an Adult this trend would continue with the GameCube and Dreamcast. Truthfully it got worse because now I was funding my gaming passion. Now I had to have all the systems becaming a true multi console gamer. Xbox OG I had to have Ninja Gaiden …PS2 I had to have God Of War. It was real in the gaming life if LeveledHead Gamer and Nintendo was still feeding my gaming passion with Mario, Zelda and Metroid was just blissful!

Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 (7th gen) and its still gaming bliss. Wii bowling, Gears of War, and Uncharted 2 was slapping this gamer silly .. I couldn’t get enough, but during the 7th Generation something began to change. I noticed I wasn’t finishing games anymore. Uncharted 3.. Mario Galaxy 2 ( Yes you just read that right lol) comes to mind. I just didn’t care to finish them.

Now I blamed it on how long the 7th Generation lasted thinking it was fatigue. Yet the trend continue into the 8th Generation. I’m buying games after game and find myself not finishing them.. growing bored with them just as fast as I got them. Only a few kept my attention long enough to see them though to completion.

Now I’m wondering if it’s my age.. being 36 yrs old with a family has drastically change my world. Husband, Daddy, Minister the list goes on. Some might say its my new found responsibilities and I would agree, but even with them I have time to game yet much of the time I don’t. So I’m wondering if it’s the games of today or am I slowly losing the passion… or even worse becoming a casual gamer.

I hope it’s the games lol.. share your thoughts!!

  • wow,this foramt,web page is dope,good job JSHAW & to everyone that's making this what it is so far!

  • good post! I would say its a mixture of both age and games. With age your taste grow and things that use to entertain you don't. As a kid anything that wasnt work would basically entertain you. Just look how we used to go outside and do all kinds of weird things that our imagination could come up with. Now you think about going to do those same things your like naw thats dumb.

    Games also have become boring. I actually am either going to make an article or video on this topic this week. In a nutshell some of these games are not doing enough to keep you compelled to finish them. So its part age and part games fault.

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