The Nintendo NX?

Well… this it?  According to Eurogamer, Digital Foundry, and many other “reputable” news sources this concept is indeed the Nintendo NX.

These are all RUMORS not FACTS no matter who tries to pass it off as such, but these are rumors that carry a lot of weight though. 

According to this report, the NX is a portable gaming device with two detachable controllers on either side.  There will be a “base” or dock station which will connect to the device in which you can play games on your TV.  In terms of specs……..

So based off of this, the NX is not even as powerful as the XB1.  So essentially the NX is nothing more than a portable, overclocked Wii U.  As a matter of fact, the NX is basically what Nintendo WANTED to do with the Wii U but could not because the infrastructure was not in place.

So……….*sigh* I may owe Emily Rogers a big apology.  I have no problems admitting I was wrong.  However, I will wait until Nintendo confirms these reports before doing so.  In any event, it is clear that Nintendo must unveil the NX now.  RIGHT NOW.  They cannot delay any longer. 

We all said that not showing NX at E3 was a mistake.  I’m still on side of it being a mistake considering the fact that because you didn’t say anything about it at E3 that made the hype build beyond your control.  Now IF the NX really is just this and nothing else……. you’ve really got yourselves a problem.  A SERIOUS problem.  Talk about leading us down a “Primrose path.”  Maybe some Nintendo fans and even non-Nintendo fans hoping that Nintendo would finally “get-it” had preconceived notions of what the NX could be.  However, that is just as much the fault of Nintendo as it is people that got their hopes up with all tantalizing and teasing they have done.

Of course I expect many Nintendo youtubers to come out an damage control this to Kingdom come saying how this is the “great idea” how they “knew all along” this is what Nintendo was doing and how this was the “right way to go” and other nonsense.  So watch for that on your subbed channels.  🙂  Most balanced and mature Nintendo fans have approached this with caution, but have not blown it off as impossible.

In every expose I have done at the end I have always cautioned to be AWARE of something like this happening.  I’ve said it many, many, many, many times.  Nintendo loves to try and be the smartest person in the room.  They are so reclusive and inward-looking that they believe their own BS, and they also strive to always be different even if it is to their own possible detriment.  StarFox Zero is a prime example of that and Miyamoto’s comments about it basically blaming US for it’s lack of success rather than take responsibility for his own actions.  Or even Metroid Prime Force Federation.  That’s another good example of Nintendo’s delusional state at times.

I’m trying to envision how to play games with these detachable controllers and without putting any serious thought into it I can see a few advantages, but I don’t need a portable Wii U that isn’t backwards compatible with the current Wii U.  It’s under-powered AGAIN, and has RISC-based architecture (ARM) which doesn’t mesh as we know with CISC-based architecture (x86).  So there is no reason to expect any new 3rd parties to jump on this or for it to have even half-decent 3rd party support.  This also could be why the NX was delayed.  Nintendo may have foolishly of been counting on 3rd parties to jump on this thing and when that didn’t happen they had to double-down and work around the clock to get as many 1st party games finished as possible to prevent droughts.  That could also be why Nintendo has all of a sudden started talking about a new Mario game a lot more when before it was deemed to be a project a few years away.  I doubt we will see it in the launch window, but maybe Holiday 2017. 

The only way I can see this working is if the console is $199.99 or less (like I suggested in a prior blog) and has the ability to upgrade with Supplemental Computing Devices.

If this is all that the NX is I cannot see why companies like Ubisoft, WB, Take-Two, Square-Enix etc would be so impressed with it.  I can understand why Ubisoft thinks casual will jump on it and why even Michael Pachter expects it to sell a lot, but begin a 3rd party I wouldn’t want to touch this thing unless it was proven to be a big hit just like the Wii and THEN give support. 

There are still a lot of loose ends with this situation but I think Nintendo may have driven the final nail into their own coffin in terms of every being taken seriously in the gaming industry again if this is ALL the NX is.  However we must caution that these are RUMORS.  None of this information has been confirmed or even commented on by Nintendo.

This is a…..

HUGE…gamble if it IS true and for their sake I hope it pays off.


I went back and researched what Saturo Iwata’s comments were about the NX and here is what he had to say.

Nintendo, together with DeNA, will jointly develop a new membership service which encompasses the existing Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems, the new hardware system with a brand-new concept, NX, and smart devices and PCs, and Nintendo will be the primary party to operate this new membership service.

Mar. 17, 2015 Nintendo Co., Ltd. DeNA Co., Ltd. Business and Capital Alliance Announcement

Now maybe there was a mis-translation or Iwata made a mistake, but it sounds like he is saying that NX and a new hardware system were two different things.  Semantics, grasping at straws maybe?  Perhaps.  Just something to think about.

Also, according to OJ from Playeressence he says that on twitter that 10k (who has been the source of rumors in the past) claims that the NX will have 3 skus.

1. A portable device which is directly on-par with the Wii U.

2. A portable device which was spoke of in this article.

3. A home console that at it’s base is more powerful than the PS4, but slightly less powerful than PS4Neo.  GPU with 3 Tflops.  Most likely an RX 460 GPU (Polaris 11) GPU.

I’d be down for that.  So we will see what happens.

  • That image can't be it cause if it is then they straight up jacked somebody else. I want to say nvidia but I can't remember but I played with that exact setup at CES a few years back.

  • The razer edge is the name of that tablet with controller. I actually can't believe I forgot about that device. It was essentially a mobile gaming PC.

  • It's metaphorically speaking Jon. Not saying that LITERALLY is the NX.

  • I figured that afterwards but still they still copied the whole concept cause that picture reminded me why I thought the concept was familiar and now I know. The razer edge was a mobile pc that you had a tablet, controller attachments, keyboard mouse attachments, and docking station to play on tv. I just cant believe i forgot as this was something on my list of things to get after 2013 CES. It also won best of show that year.

  • That's why I think there is more to the puzzle than just this because this concept is not original. There are plenty of mobile devices and can connect to TVs.

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