The Plug: Saving Money on Games

Gaming is an expensive hobby. No matter if you are a single console owner or like me and own them all gaming gets expensive. As years go by gaming will get more expensive as costs rise, and we add more technology into it. Don’t get discouraged as there are ways to help you save money and still experience everything you want to. In this article, I will be going over a few ways you can do that. Using these methods or combination of these methods will have you gaming and saving money at the same time.


The first method I want to talk about is really simple and is the most overlooked. This method is simply waiting. Yes, waiting. Nobody said you had to go out and get everything day 1. We as gamers have conditioned ourselves into a mind frame that if we aren’t playing the latest and greatest as it happens we are missing out on something. I am here to tell you this is far from the case. Multiplayer games I can see the need or want to play it as they come out as to have a level playing field and sometimes servers don’t stay up all the time. The most popular games usually keep their servers up for years, so don’t let that keep you from waiting. You can still play several older Call of Duty games, BF games, and fighting games that are years from their prime. Single player games are the same game day 1 or day 300. It doesn’t matter when you play a single player game as that experience will never change. Uncharted is still Uncharted even almost 10 years removed. So waiting won’t affect your experience and it will save you money as prices have gone down. This is the best way to save money as you avoid early adopter issues and you can just pick the best of the best and spend a fraction of what it would have cost.

Special sales are my next, method of saving some money. These are those sales that happen during specific events or times of the year. Sometimes it will be buy 2 get 1 free, console bundles, or trade in towards a newer game. Some sales are worth your time and some are not. Calculate on if you are saving and also see if you can combine deals. Even if you don’t think you can try. Sometimes the people at the register don’t know that you can’t and let you do it anyway. I know, I know that’s a little shady, but hey, saving money you got to take advantage sometimes.

Trading games for cash or credit towards newer games is a common method. I don’t personally like to use this method as most of the time you’re not saving your losing. But one way to make sure you always come out on top is to take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free deals. Remember the games you got for free and when it comes time to trade in trade those in. That way you are actually gaining money and not losing.

Join retail gamer clubs or memberships. I only recommend this for the heavy users. The type of gamer who buys more than 2 games a month. The reason being as in order to join these clubs you have to have a membership that costs. Two that I recommend are the Best Buy Gamers Club and Amazon Prime.  Both will save you money on new games and both have traded in and used game services that will save you money. I recommend Best Buy for the gamer who is mainly looking at buying games. It will set you back $30 for a 2-year membership. This membership includes 20% off new games discounted used games, exclusive offers, and Best Buy Rewards points which you can spend on anything you want at Best Buy. I recommend Amazon Prime to the gamer who does a lot of online shopping. Amazon Prime will set you back $100 bucks. It’s steep but you do get a lot of benefits. You get 20% off preordered games, free 2-day shipping, discounted 1-day shipping, Amazon Prime video(Netflix-like service) Cloud storage as well as other things catered to a specific area.

My preferred way to save and experience gaming like I want to is GameFly. If you purchase at the very least, 1 game a month, then you owe it to yourself to give GameFly a try. This is a video game rental service. Depending on the package that you pick, you get up to 2 games out at a time. As you stay with the service other packages, perks and savings are offered to you. This is one of those services that rewards those that stay loyal, is advantageous to those that utilize it to their advantage. I will show you how to take advantage of this service and get the most bang for your buck in gaming.


You will need a credit card as they have to have some way to make sure they get their products returned or paid for. But you can start a free trial and not be charged anything until your month is up. Also, something I forgot to mention is they rent movies as well. Getting started most people go for the 1 game out deal as it’s the cheapest. Don’t pick this as your wasting your time and money being cheap! Pick the 2 games out package for $22.95 a month. Fill your Q up with all the games you want to experience. They will send the first 2 available. Now, this is the part where people mess up and get mad. It takes anywhere up to 3 to 4 days for your games to arrive and return. So think about if you would have picked that 1 game out package, you would have to wait longer to receive games as the next one doesn’t come until they get the previous game back. People experience this and think the service is crap, no your just cheap and shouldn’t have picked that package.


When you pick the 2 game package after you receive your games play 1 game, then when you are finished send it back and start the other. While you are playing the other you will be occupied while they send your next game. Continue this and you will never be without a game to play. If you decide that you want to keep the game you get it at used price. So let us say a game cost 60 you will most likely pay 50. The longer you are with them the more your discount is, and every 3 months you get $5 bucks. So for $60 games, I pay 40. I have been with the company for over 10 years and I have the 4 games out at a time plan that is $34.99.


Being a with them for this long I have learned a few tricks to make sure I always get the best out of this service. I will pass these tricks on to you. If you want new games keep your Q empty of games that are already out. Make sure you have it in your Q at least a month prior. Make sure you have at least 1 slot open on your games out tab. Meaning make sure you at least send 1 game back a few weeks prior to the new game being released. This way you will be sure to get those games a few days or next day after release depending on how close you are to a shipping center. You will be the first person to rent these games thus making them new. If you want to keep the game you automatically get it for a used price. If you learn how to continually work this method you will never have to pay $60 bucks for a new game again. Also, note that even if you do get one that has been rented before with the blue ray technology most games don’t have scratches that hinder the game unplayable. If you ever do encounter a game unplayable they will send another one. The other reason I pick GameFly over other services is for simply being able to screen my purchases. If I rent a game I like, keep it. If it’s one I don’t like send it back. No need for game reviews, no need to rely on someone else’s opinion about a game come to find out yours differs. It’s a simple service that cost you less than $60 bucks a month and you can play everything you want. So why stick to buying 1 game for $60 when you can experience more each month? It’s a no-brainer to me.


I hope this article was helpful to you. I hope it gave you some insight on how you can game and save money. You don’t have to go for broke each time a game or system is released. You don’t have to rely on video game reviews only to be burned after your purchase. You don’t have to be burned on your trade in either. So before you get to the internets to complain about the price of something find out if you really have to pay that. Most of the time you don’t. Till Next time.

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