The Poison Of Fanboyism

Today I was random watching Youtube videos and I came across The Red Dragon and he was talking about the reviews of PlayStation VR in relation to many different websites and channels reviewing the product.  I thought his synopsis in general about VR was fair and honest.  From what I gather he looked at VR as a whole and doesn’t seem to think that it will catch-on as the next step in gaming.  However, from reading the comments section you would take away this guy is at Sony headquarters leading a band of miscreants with pitchforks and torches in an all out assault against Sony.

 Now check this video out before going further.


He was very clear and concise.  He gave the good points about PSVR and VR in general as well as the bad.  He didn’t single out Sony as being the ONLY bad thing for VR and that it is the ONLY VR head-set with short-comings.  He gave a fair and honest opinion.  I can’t say whether or not it was “unbiased” because I don’t know him or what’s in his heart.  So I can’t say how he feels about Sony and it would be arrogant and disingenuous to surmise that I know such things. 

The comments section is LOADED with people claiming that he is a hater, a Microsoft fanboy and that his channel is 100% dedicated to trashing Sony, hyping Microsoft, and nothing else. 

Now.  If I was someone who just read headlines without reading the whole story in context and I just glanced at his video section I would probably have the same conclusion or one similar.  There are a LOT of videos on his channel talking about the deficiencies of Sony and the triumphs of Microsoft.  When he does bring up the deficiencies of Microsoft he makes sure to give a full explanation as to why it is not as bad as it sounds or looks. 

That doesn’t bother me.  It’s his channel, and he can have whatever opinion he wants.  However I wanted to use this as an example to show how Fanboyism is a cancer in society.

Now this image I downloaded from the net obviously was meant as satire, but you get the gist of it.  Fanboyism is poison.  Plain and simple.  It is born out of hate, fear, anger, arrogance, idolatry, and perhaps most of all insecurity.  People who fit the fanboy criteria usually have a major issue with insecurity. 

They like or love something well beyond the level where it becomes obsessive and detrimental.  In their heart they know that they have gone overboard, but because they idolize this thing, person, concept, company, etc. they cannot break free from this destructive behavior.  So in an attempt to rid themselves of the guilt they feel, they look at someone else that does NOT share their views and ATTACK them in order to feel more secure in what they want to believe, but actually in heart they don’t.  People do it in sports, music, politics, movies, even comic books or movies based off of comic books.  Marvel vs DC anyone?

It’s really silly when you look at it from a panoramic-perspective. I see Nintendo fanboys make excuses.  I see Microsoft fanboys make excuses, and I Sony fanboys make excuses, and I PC fanboys makes excuses for a plethora of reasons, and usually none of them are valid.  A VERY tragic ordeal in all this is the fact that companies tend to listen to the cries of fanboys rather than the objective gamer that just wants to enjoy playing fun games and may give constructive criticism while giving praise for the good things they are doing. Many things have been ruined because of companies trying to cater to people who don’t even know what they want, but they are just squawking to be heard to get attention that they aren’t getting elsewhere in their lives.  Being that the rest of us are busy enjoying our games and our lives, unfortunately their voices are the loudest and clearest. 

We have reviewed VR headsets on the Live and Leveled Podcast and we have first-hand evidence of how these forms of VR work. There is more enough evidence out there to suggest that PSVR has some issues if people are going to be honest.  That’s not the end of the world.  Just because PSVR has some short-comings doesn’t mean it is a bad piece of hardware not worth your money.  That decision is yours and yours alone to make on what is worth you spending your money and no one else should play any factor in that determination.  It also doesn’t mean Sony can’t fix the problems somewhere down the line or aren’t already engaged in fixing those problems.  That doesn’t mean it is wrong to point out those problems and it doesn’t mean you hate something or have ulterior motives when you point out problems.  If you don’t know that you have a problem, then it cannot be fixed.  Some problems aren’t a big deal, and others are a big deal. 

I grew up in the 80s so we played games that had all kinds of glitches.  While we didn’t really have a feasible outlet for immediately voicing our concerns because there was no internet or social media, we just made do.  We learned how to use glitches in games to our advantage or how to adapt to deficiencies in games.

All in all I think we complain too much in society.  We complain about stuff, and then we complain about other people complaining about stuff.  Then we argue with one another because we don’t want to accept the fact that we are guilty of what we are accusing others of doing!  It’s enough to make you want to tear your hair out by the roots!!!  AAARGH!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I don’t think fanboyism is going away.  It’s only going to get worse.  We just have to learn how to navigate through the shark-infested waters of fanboyism.  It might not be a bad idea to contact development teams of your favorite games and let them know about your satisfaction.  Give them a pat on the back.  Encourage them.  Let them know that their hard work was not in vain.  Get detailed about specific features that you like and express your desire to see more of that.  As an artist myself I can tell you that I get a huge shot of adrenaline whenever someone expresses admiration or excitement over work that I do and it helps me to push harder and increase the quality of my work, even in those times when I don’t feel like doing it.  So lets all agree to do more encouraging, more praising, and less whining.  🙂

  • Gerald

    Fanboyism will exist. There is nothing much you can do about it.
    And speaking of that guy, 'There are a LOT of videos on his channel talking about the deficiencies of Sony and the triumphs of Microsoft'.

    Nothing more needs to be said. People who know him are fully aware that he is a Microsoft fanboy.

  • Red Dragon? You use the response to an extreme fanboys video to try and make a point about fanboys?

  • Yes. That is the whole point. Apparently you missed it, which is also the point. One of the symptoms of fanboyism is close-mindedness. I explained that in the video "itself", he didn't saying anything derogatory about Sony, yet most people didn't even watch the video most likely and replied on auto-pilot to bash him from being a Microsoft fanboy. No one was actually commenting on what the video was even about. To add to that. nowhere did I say that he wasn't a Microsoft fanboy, nor could not be. I said that I don't KNOW that and neither do YOU or anyone else. I don't have absolute knowledge nor does any human on this planet. In my "opinion" I think he is a Microsoft fanboy, but I do not KNOW that.

    When people see something they don't like or hear something they don't like they immediate;y turn off all objectivity and the only thing that matters from that point on is their opinion. Even if it's wrong. That, in a nutshell is what a fanboy is. Once someoen says something truthful and a fanboy doesn't like it much liek a small child they stick theri fingers in their ears and start signing "La-la-la-la! I CAN"T HEAR YOU! A-LA-LA-LA-LA."

    That's not how adults ought to carry themselves in a conversation.

    So to summarize, my point was to show how fanboyism is poison and I used an illustration of a gaggle of fanboys going after one fanboy where with all the insults, name-calling, ad-hominems, and red-herrings in the thread the actual topic at hand really didn't even get discussed.

  • Gerald: "Fanboyism will exist. There is nothing much you can do about it."

    D2K Prime: Unfortunately I DON'T think fanboyism is going away. It's only GOING to get WORSE. We just have to learn how to navigate through the shark-infested waters of fanboyism.

    Did you even READ what I said? This is what I'm talking about.

  • Will fanboys always exist? Yes. Does that mean there is nothing you can do about it? NO!! This excuse is the reason why they are the dominating voice in the gaming industry as a whole. By not speaking out, standing up, and representing gaming how we want it to be represented you give fanboys the floor to scream and yell what they want and the companies listen to them. They are the most vocal in this community while others just sit back and say nothing cause they think its nothing to be done.

    The reason why gaming is in the state it is in is directly correlated to fanboy's and their many debates, rants, and outlandish demands. Take for instance this power struggle the companies are doing now. This is directly from the console war that fanboys fight and from this their demand for more graphics so their console can be better than the next. So because most gamers now think there is nothing they can do they sit back and are quite while fanboys dictate to these companies what they want. For instance PS4 is most powerfull console out, selling the most but yet they feel the need to upgrade the console mid cycle before they even made games that utilized the originals power. This is not what a true gamer wants this is what a fanboy wants so he can boast. Then we have Nintendo who has released some good games, stuck by their system till the end but yet didnt sell. Why? Because it wasnt like the other systems and less powerful.

    The point I am making is it doesnt take a rocket scientist to step back and look at gaming as it is right now and not see its a direct correlation to fanboys and the console war. In order to change that gamers are going to have to grow the fuck up act like adults and take the industry back from these dipshits.

  • Also before someone throws the all so common sports analogy out let me say fanboys in sports ruin sports just like they do in gaming. I don't want to pay to go to a damn game to watch idiots fight just cause they are fans of the opposite team. You can be a fan you don't have to be a fanatic and thats what fanboys are.

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