This Week’s Anime: Gate

This week’s anime is going to be a weekly post that I will start covering what anime I watched that week.  For the most part it will be one anime series a week unless I feel the need to post more than one. Seeing as I watch anime everyday I thought it would be a good idea to share what I watched that week and give brief thoughts on it. This week’s anime is Gate.

Gate is about a portal that suddenly opens up in the middle of Tokyo. Pouring out the gate are tons of monsters and soldiers who start to attack the shocked citizens of Tokyo. While at first they wreaked havoc on the streets of Tokyo the Japan Self Defense Forces swooped in and demolished the monsters and soldiers. Being that the soldiers were armed and fought like a Roman army they did not stand a chance against the modern artillery and tactics of the JSDF. Yoji Itami who happens to be a JSDF officer was on his way to an anime convention when the portal opened up. He along with the JSDF fought back forcing the enemy back through the portal. Later he was tasked with investigating the other side.


Gate is an interesting anime as it combines several types of anime into one. It has that fantasy and magic type, as well as military strategy and drama. Yoji Itami is an anime, and fantasy lover and seeing his reactions to the creatures and people he meets on the other side provides the comical approach. The other side inhabitants reaction to them is funny as well. You would think this was a light hearted anime but things start to take a different approach as the anime goes on. On one hand you have the other side’s emperor who after several failed attempts to fight the JSDF trying to establish peace without loosing the empire. The Japanese government trying to colonize and capitalize on new natural resources.  They soon run into issues as the media and other countries want to know what’s on the other side of the gate. Take this with several other plots and schemes and Gate is a pretty entertaining anime.

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