Tomb Raider A “Rise” above the rest!

Does the latest entry into the Tomb Raider franchise “RISE” to the occasion? Did it live up to the hype and rise above it’s predecessor? From the perspective of this extremely impressed Gamer here! … the answer is YES!

After a week with this game I’m comfortable and confident in saying this just might be my game of the year! Rise if the Tomb Raider is amazing.. while I haven’t completed the game (I’m around 30% through the storyline) its evident that Crystal Dynamics really enjoyed making this game!

The environments are awe inspiring! lush with detail… one could only imagine what could have been accomplished minus a 360 port holding the Dev’s back due to the need of some sense of parity between the 2 versions, Yet even in light of the limitations this game shines!

This isn’t the Uncharted Tom Raider of 2012… this is  Lara Croft return back to her roots of exploration. Unlike Uncharted Crystal Dynamics doesn’t force you to stick to the beaten path ironed out for you.  It employs you and encourages you to explore the massive environments riddlask him to be discovereds waiting to be discovered!

I can’t say enough about this game! The action is intense.. the way Lara is able to craft weapons out of bottles and can scattered throughout environment changes up the pace of the actiin giving you multiple options and approaches to engaging the enemy know as Trinity. 
If you have an Xboxone I highly recommend you picking up this game! If you don’t have an Xboxone this might be the game worth getting one for!!! Tomb Raider is back and I think Nathan Drake best take notes!

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