Ubisoft requests that Destructoid take down report regarding Beyond Good & Evil 2.

  • It seems like one of Nintendo's strategies is to take 3rd party games or series out of development heck and make them exclusives. I never played Beyond Good and Evil before but it definitely looks like something that would cater to Nintendo fans. It has a more cartoonish art-style, but still has a contemporary feel to it. Reminds me of games like Kameo and Grim Fandango.

  • I fully agree yet I feel that Nintendo should not only seek canceled or seriously endangered title only. Nintend should secure 3rd party titles that are alive and thriving for NX

  • Most definitely. I think a big key in securing those big budget AAA multiplats is the willingness to give a helping hand to 3rd parties on projects hey may not have the finances to work on. Creating that atmosphere of trust will not only make it more likely for NX to receive multiplats, but give NX and advantage because it would help secure exclusive 3rd parties games not available on other consoles (i.e. Bayonetta 2) going forward.


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